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Monday, March 7, 2011

Rendang Ayam

                Wao Rendang Ayam and what is Rendang without Kerisik, it reminds me of Hari Raya when all the clan clear up their busy work schedule and join the mad, mad rush just to be home with family and having a jolly time, I remember as in my youth, I lived in the outskirts where many of my neighbours were Malays and I use to enjoy the Buka Puasa when my neighbours, left, right & centre, used to give us simply delicious, mouth watering food and desserts.  Living in the outskirts is an enjoyable experience not to be forgotten easily as everyone makes it a point to know everybody in the small neighbourhood and we were, sort of, an extended family, beautiful memories of days gone by.  Never forgot Mak Cik Duni, two doors from my house, who used to make the most remarkable Jelly the exact replica of a Water Melon with its green, white & red "flesh" and the "Kuaci" seeds, Mak Cik Duni you set the bar high and these days and even though I was only eight then, the memory of that Watermelon Jelly is still in my mind's eye and, in the city these days, you don't seem to find these kind of dessert on the family table during Buka Puasa as there are so many stall vendors selling their wares and ppl, sometimes, are spoilt for choice as there are so many to choose from, awesome.  Again a thousand apologies love to give a little trip down memory lane to make my blog a little bit more interesting instead of just posting the recipes, sometimes I think we just need that interaction so that it would seem a little bit more warm.

                        As you can see this Recipe uses Watch Curry Powder. Ophelia

                                  Rendang Ayam


                1.2 kg                    Chicken
                   1 Tabsp             Sugar
                   1 Tabsp             Watch Curry Powder

                                          Marinade "A" in fridge for 30 minutes.


                 1 cup                 Grated Coconut

                                         Fry the grated Coconut without oil in a wok over low heat, tossing till coconut is crisp & golden brown.  Cool slightly before grinding finely in an electric chopper.


                 300 ml                    Fresh Santan
                 200 ml                    Water
                     3 teasp               Salt

                                           Combine "C" together


                 15 gm                      Corriander Seeds/Ketumbar Seeds
                   1 Tabsp                Jintan Manis Seeds
                 1/2 Tabsp               Jintan Putih Seeds

                                   Wash, dry in the sun then fry Without Oil then process/blend then put them in airtight container & freeze them. This can be done a week earlier as nothing beats processing them Yourself as the fragrance is unbeatable and they are so fresh.  For those who are still working plan your kitchen exploits a week ahead this gives you time to do these nitty gritty stuff which sets your food a world apart.

                   "E" [Rempah]

                    20                      Shallots/small Onions
                    12                      Buah Keras
                    80 gm                Lengkuas
                     1"                      Fresh Kunyit
                     1                        whole Pod of Garlic
                     3 stalks             Serai
                    20                       Dried Chillies [soak first in hot water to soften]
                    20                       Chilli Padi

                               I would suggest that you pound first the Buah Keras, Lengkuas, Kunyit & Serai as these are quite hard to blend then you blend them altogether with the rest of the Rempah ingredients.


                    4                         Limau Perut leaves [remove its vein, bitter, then slice finely]
                    2                         Daun Kunyit, [shred it & tie into a knot]
                    1 Tabsp             Brown Sugar [Brown Sugar is lesser sweeter]

  1. Fry "E" in sufficient oil for approximately 15 minutes on medium low fire till fragrant stirring all the while.
  2. Add in "D" [the ground Coriander mixture] & Fresh Santan mixture, add in the chicken & "F" & continue frying & stiring for 15 minutes. 
  3. Off fire add in the Kerisik.
                         Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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