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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sambal for almost anything

                I always make this all purpose sambal for basically anything and Even sell them in tubs of 500 gm and this sambal is very versatile and can be used frying rice, veg, putting on top of sunny side up, putting them on egg omellettes then rolling them up into a cigar and slicing them equally for an extra presentation, etc.  Just take note that the sambal has been pre cooked, cooled completely then store them in small containers and even freezes well but do remember that it does NOT have any perservative, I usually triple the recipe and cook them then put a tub of same in the fridge and freeze the other tubs and if you want to eat them with Voon Chai Koh,  place them on sunny side up, full boiled eggs, omelettes, etc, take from the fridge and just warm whatever portions of the sambal in the micro oven and I usually take out 99 % of the seeds from the Red Chillies but remember do Not remove the sac/membrances which holds the chilli seed as it is also these membrances that makes the dish hot but the seeds from the Chilli Padi I dont take out otherwise not hot and basically this sambal, if you follow the recipe, is Not very hot so for a chilliholic person, you may want to add more chilli padi when you are using it to fry rice, whatever and the next time you do another batch increase the chilli padi gradually.  I am always of the opinion that the first time I ever try a recipe I always follow it then the next time I know how to adjust but I always make it a habit to have a pen/pencil on hand while doing the changes during cooking and then recording the changes so that I wont forget the next time round and it is so easy to forget and another good tip is to Always photostat a copy of all recipes; put them in a different file, as it is so easy to loose them and then regret that you do not have another copy.  This was my husband's advice to me when I first started learning how to bake and cook more than 20 years ago but something which I always practise till today cos I know it would be easy for me to get a copy of same from my friends who attended the Same Class But it is not really the same because the things you observed during the class may not have been observed by your friend or if observed may not have been written in the manner I understand as everyone has a diff approach to everything and this is very important esp if it is a Cake class I attended as baking is more rigid than cooking :) but there again when it comes to cooking I love it when it is a matter of measurements and not a matter of a little bit of this and that like how our mothers/grandmothers use to cook, as I am one who loves constant results so that anytime my husband or children request me to cook something they can be assured it taste 99% the same.  I remember a friend I first meet and we learnt how to make some bread recipe and bread is not my strongest point I think it is was a Roti Naan recipe, then one day she frantically called me and asked for a copy of my recipe.  I asked her curiously what happened to hers?  She told me that she had SUCCESSFULLY made the bread then after baking she left her copy on the table and one of her younger children took same and started scribbling so hard on the recipe that she could not see the recipe and her notes and she blamed herself as she always trained her kids to always use recycle paper :) she was so apologetic as she just meet me the first time during class and she didnt know whether I would give her a copy of mine :) I am very sorry that I do have a habit of rattling off but for me, it is not so much the rattle but the points I want to bring across; forgive an older person :) as I have always been "accused" by my fellow baking/cooking kakis of mothering but "mothering" is my second nature as I love to help the new students esp those who are raw in baking cos I always think to myself that, especially if I am first time at a new Chef, I would not know her style of baking and would love if the same consideration is accorded to me by the Chef's "older" students. Ok here goes


                        5                     "hot" type of Chilli Padi
                        5 pips               Garlic
                     80 gm                  Shallots/small onions
                     25 gm                  Untoasted Belacan
                   150 gm                  Tomatoes, No need to remove the seeds
                   200 gm                   Fresh Red Chillies, remove seeds not the membrane

                      37 gm                   Castor Sugar
                        1 teasp                Salt


                          Blend "A" till very fine.  Heat sufficient oil in wok [do put quite a bit as the oil also acts as a perservative and you also want the rempah to fry well] & fry "A" stiring occasionally to prevent burning, till fragrant approximately 20 minutes.

                          Add in "B" stir fry and let it continue frying for 3 - 5 minutes.  Cool completely & store in individual tubs. 

                          On a side note just for info, I was feeling under the weather quite some time back and didnt have the energy to do some heavy cooking for our monthly BEC gather [Church group gathering in a member's house] as was just recovering from fever and a back ache.  I thought of doing the easiest making hard boiled eggs; halving them; warming this sambal in micro oven and brought it over for the gathering and then the oooo and aaaaahh showing their satisfaction from just this simple dish make me very happy as half my mind was not to attend same, forgive me dear Lord.

                        Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.

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