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Friday, March 11, 2011

Sambal Grilled Fish

               This is something lovelllly where you either Grill Or bake the fish with this spicy Sambal.  My beloved Father in Law always used to say this when he enjoying an awesome meal lovingly prepared by my MIL.  He will say, while enjoying his meal, that even if his father walked behind him, he will not know and my Nyonya MIL, her cooking is simply awesome.  Missed hearing this Ah Kong :( May you both rest in the peace of the Lord.

               Blend very fine for Spicy Sambal

                  12                          small Onions [medium size]
                  10                          Garlic
                    1"                         Fresh Kunyit
                  40 gm                     Lengkuas [this gives the zing]
                    3 stalks                Serai
                    1"                          Belacan, toasted
                   10                           Dried Chillies, soak in hot water for easier processing
                   10                           Chilli Padi
                     6                            Fresh Red Chillies, remove seeds


                      2 teasp                Salt
                      2 Tablesp           BROWN Sugar
                      2 Tablesp           Fish Sauce
                  1/2 Tablesp           Maggi Chicken Stock Concentrate
                    30 gm                    Assam Jawa mix with 100 ml Water
                                  MIX ALL THE SEASONING INGREDIENTS IN A BOWL

               600 gm                      Kai Yoke Yee ["Chicken Fish"]

               250 ml                        Fresh Santan MIX with 250 ml Water

                   2                              Daun Limau Perut leaves, remove vein & slice thinly
                   1 sprig                    Daun Kesom
                   4 Tabsp                  Juice of LIMAU NIPIS

                                                  Banana leaves

  1. Blend the rempah till Very Fine.
  2. Fry the blended rempah, Daun Kesom & Daun Limau Perut with sufficient oil on Low Medium fire; stirring constantly to prevent burning for 15 minutesAdd the SANTAN Mixture Gradually in 3 batches.
  3. ADD the seasoning, stirring and allow it to come to a boil.  Check for taste. OFF THE FIRE, then add the *Limau Nipis juice. ALLOW this sambal to COOL COMPLETELY BEFORE Marinading it on the fish.
  4. Wash the fish & remove the skin, make a few criss cross incisions on both sides of fish, not Too deep to allow the marinade to penetrate through.
  5. Marinade both sides of the fish & gently rub marinade through the incisions.  Cling wrap & refrigerate for 1 hour in the Fridge to allow the marinade to infuse the fish.
  6. Remove fish from fridge & let it thaw for 25 minutes.
  7. Place a Banana leaf on baking tray.  Grease it slightly with oil.
  8. Place the marinade fish on the banana leaf.
  9. EITHER BAKE the fish in preheated oven at 180 degrees Centrigrade for 20 minutes or until it is cook or GRILL the fish, yr choice.  When I did, I choose to grill as nothing beats grilling but be careful you do Not OVER BAKE OR OVER GRILL.

                   (a)  The texture of the Kai Yoke Yee is silky soft and truly lovely;
                   (b)  If you cannot get this fish, you can substitute it with Sting Ray/Ikan Pari BUT the
                          texture of the Sting Ray is different as the meat is Firmer :)

                   This dish is a class of its own And one of my children who is not really into fish, found this a lip smacking dish and Really glad I want for this class and it is something like an Ikan Bakar that you eat at stalls here back home in Malaysia.

                   Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.

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