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Friday, March 4, 2011

Shark's Fin Melon Soup, Non Halal

               I am a soup person.  I love drinking hot soup, personally, there is nothing quite like soup.  For those who dont know, a "Shark's Fin" Melon looks like a Water Melon and I can find these easily in the market.  I once bought this melon which the vegetable seller cut into two.  I bought one which he cut into half as the whole melon was more than what I needed and all the ingredients for this soup; waiting in quiet expectation to "slurp" on the hot steaming soup then when I came back and started preparing for the soup for dinner, I found that the melon was "bad", "off".  I was fuming mad as there goes my soup for dinner.  So if ever you want to buy this melon make sure you buy a whole fruit and not a cut fruit as probably the veg vendor must have put it in the fridge if the cut ones were not sold for the day.  Of course my next trip to the market, I told the guy and she gave me one in return.


         500 gm               Shark's Fin Melon
         1.5 litres              Water
            50 gm               Boneless Ikan Bilis
              1                     Chicken carcass


          100 gm                Pork [get the butcher to sell you a tender pork]
            10 pieces           Toufu Fish Ball
            10 pieces           Meat Ball

                       [Marinade the Pork with a little corn flour]


              1                     Egg White [whisk separately]
              1                     Egg Yolk [whisk separately]

                                     Salt & Pepper to taste

  1. Peel the skin of Shark's Fin Melon.  Then use your hands to tear the flesh & remove seeds with a spoon.  You can now see that it resembles like a Shark's Fin.
  2. Heat 2 Tabsp of oil in pot & fry the Ikan Bilis till fragrant.
  3. Pour 1.5 litres of water in pot & bring to a boil.  Once boiling add in the chicken carcass [if you put the chicken carcass & water together & bring it to a boil, the water would be cloudy].
  4. Once it starts boiling, reduce fire to medium low heat & simmer for 15 minutes.
  5. Off fire & remove all the ikan bilis & chicken carcass.
  6. Add in the Shark's Fin Melon & cook it till it is soft.
  7. Add in "B", salt & pepper to taste.  Once the meat balls float to the surface it is cooked.
  8. Beat the egg whites & egg yolks Separately.
  9. Add in the egg white gradually from a height & using the soup laddle stir the egg whites that drop into the soup.
  10. Beat Egg YOLK then off the fire & gradually pour it into the soup.  Tardaaa, soup is ready.

              (a)  It is very interesting to see the colour play of the egg whites & egg yolks; you get a two tone
               (b) Soup was really tasty and "leong".  After learning, I rated this as 12/10 and because I am a
                     soup lover, this soup is most welcome in my home.

                     And I have decided to make a separate lable for this under "Soups" for faster access instead of "clumping" them all in my Cooking recipes and hope to add more soups.

                       Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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