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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sweet Sesame Paste

                   This Sweet Dessert/Tong Sui is good though a little watery; so you need to thicken it slightly yourselves.  A drop of Sesame Oil in each individual bowl gives a pleasant jolt and the umph as it definitely enhances the aroma and taste but remember a little Sesame Oil goes a long way And  for this Tong Soi I love drinking quite hot as then the aroma coming from the dash of Sesame Oil is too much to resist.  Ophelia

                     Sweet Sesame Paste


                    250 gm                Sesame Seeds [CANNOT WASH SESAME SEEDS]


                   250 gm                  Castor Sugar
                      2 Litres               Water
                   1/2 cup                   Condense Milk [cake measuring cake :)]


                        5 Tabsp                    Rice Flour, sieved
                        1 Tabsp                    Tang Min Fun, sieved
                        1 small rice bowl      Water

  1. Stir fry Sesame Seeds Without Oil till it starts popping around & aromatic.  Off fire.  Remove & straight away blend while it is hot BUT DO NOT OVER BLEND IT WILL TURN "OILY".
  2. Place "C" into a bowl.
  3. Put "B" in pot and once it stars boiling, REDUCE fire to Medium Low, add in the blended Sesame Seeds & Simmer for 5 minutes KEEP STIRRING ALL THE TIME.
  4. Give "C" a stir before adding to No.3 KEEP ON STIRRING TILL IT BOILS.
  5. Serve hot in individual bowls with a drop of Sesame Oil.
                    For those who dont know what Tang Min Fun, it is wheat starch and for the Rice Flour for this recipe we like to use the Teratai brand.       

                    Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.

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