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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cranberry & Red Wine Ribs

                 For those who love Lamb and Red Wine, try this.


                14 pieces                Lamb ribs, trim off excess fats


                 30 ml                       Olive Oil
                 15 gm                      Garlic minced
                 18 gm                      Ginger minced
                  6                              Shallots minced
                  3 gm                        Dried Thymn
                  3 gm                        Black Pepper, coarsely crushed
                  1 level teasp          Salt
                  1 level teasp          Sugar
                  1 level Tabsp          Light Soya Sauce
                  1 level Tabsp         Corn Flour
              125 ml                          Red Wine


                  2 Tabsp                   Olive Oil
                  1                                Big Onion, slice
                  5 cloves                   Garlic, minced
              500 ml                           Stock [3 teasp Maggi Concentrated Stock + 500 ml hot water]
                   1 level Tabsp          Light Soya Sauce
                   1 level Tabsp           Sugar [dont put all at once, leave a bit then adjust at the End]
               *500 ml                         Red Wine
               100 gm                          Dried  Cranberries, just rinse & put on siever to drain excess water
                   1 Tabsp                    *Tapioca Flour Mix with 1 Tabsp Water

  1. Combine all Marinade ingredients with the Ribs well.  Cover & marinate over night.
  2. Remove from fridge & let it thaw before cooking.  Brown the ribs both sides, to seal the juices, in medium hot oil on high heat for a short while.  Remove and set aside.  DISCARD the Marinade liquid as bloody & cloudy.
  3. Heat oil in wok & saute big Onions & garlic till fragrant.
  4. Add stock & light soya sauce.  Bring to boil, add Ribs & cook on LOW medium heat till tender approimately 30 minutes.
  5. Add the Wine & Cranberries & simmer for 10 minutes.  REMOVE ribs to bowl.
  6. Thicken with the Tapioca Flour mixture, bring it to a boil. Return ribs to the wok & mix it in order to coat ribs well [short while then OFF fire.  Check for taste and adjust if necessary].

                      (a)  To know whether meat is cooked, it should fall off the bone;
                      (b) Tapioca flour/starch is more stable;
                      (c)  Whenever you add any thickening agent ie tapioca, corn flour solution, YOU must always bring the dish to a boil then Off fire otherwise you get a floury taste :)
                      (d) *If you do Not want to use 500 ml Red Wine, you can use 250 ml Red Wine + 250 ml EXTRA Chicken Stock.
                        Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia


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