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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thai Pomelo Salad

                 This is a lovely simpled Salad to do for those days when you just want to eat Salad for dinner.


                     Dried Prawns
                     Limau Perut Leaves, slice finely
                     Bunga Kantan, slice finely
                     Chilli Padi, slice
                     2 Red Chillies, remove seeds, slice [to add colour to salad]
                     Cherry Tomatoes [Red & Orange Cherry Tomates, again for color]
                     Salad of your choice, some Rocket if you like the peppery taste
                     Orange segments
                     300 gm Fresh Prawns
                     Freshly grounded Black Pepper
                     1 small packet of Ping Tong
                     1/4 cup Fish Sauce
                     1/4 cup Limau Kasturi juice

  1. Fry the Peanuts and remove skin [it is easier to remove the skin a short while after frying.  To make it easier, put the fried peanuts on a tea towel and rub on them :) Pound them slightly.
  2. Wash the Dried Prawns, soak for 30 minutes. Chop finely. Fry the Dried Prawns.
  3. Heat some oil thrown in a little ground Black Pepper then the Fresh Prawns & fry for a short while as prawns cook very fast.  [Do not remove the skin, as the flavour & aroma comes from the skin of the prawns and this way the meat is tender. You can remove the skin after it has cooled down].  Retain the oil to drizzle yr salad as there are tons of flavour and aroma in the oil.  Then *WARM this oil slightly before drizzling on the Salad.
  4. Put the Ping Tong in a pot on medium heat till sugar melts.  Add in the Fish Sauce.
  5. Remove from fire, thrown in the chill padi & cool completely.
  6. Just before eating, mix everything together including a little *oil used for frying the Prawns.  Check for taste, adjusting sugar, limau Kasture juice if necessary.
                Comments.  1.  If you want to have your Salad cold, after washing put them in the fridge. 2. If you have a Salad Spinner, use it to wash and "spin dry" the Salad leaves then put the Salad leaves, still in the Salad Spinner, in the fridge and you will be glad that you did as yr salad leaves will be totally dry before I bought a Salad Spinner I use to wash the salad leaves & then drain them on a large siever but the siever did not do much justice as there was still quite a bit of water in the salad leaves & when I used the Salad Spinner, I was so glad I bought it.  For those who dont own a Salad Spinner, buy one and you wont regret it as it makes a world of difference when your salad leaves are totally dry and they dont cost much too, I bought mine at a sale, cant remember exactly as years ago, but definitely Below M$50.00.  3.  If you mix everything much earlier, you will find water oozing out.  Some of you may be health conscious, and these are my personal perference and you would rather blanch the Fresh Prawns in water rather than frying; follow your own style/perference BUT there is a world of difference between blanching them and frying them.  For both ways do not over boil or over fry the prawns.

                             Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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