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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ayam Masak Merah

               I just returned from a quiet retreat and while away I was itching to come back so that I could place my impatient fingers on the keyboard and blog away; anything that came to mind and today I blogged quite a few posts to satisfy a hunger for writing and an outlet to post on my passion for baking and cooking.  I just started blogging half a year ago and I didnt know how I existed before then.  I supposed telly was my interest then these days except for a few interesting shows, I find myself drawn more and more to my blog and face book.

           This dish is very simple to do.


         500 gm               Chicken, chopped
           1/2 teasp          Salt


          10                       Dried Chillies, wash & soak in hot water for 20 minutes
            2                       Red Chillies
            2                       Chilli Padi
            4                       Buah Keras/Candlenuts, roughly chopped for easier processing
            7                       Small Onions
            3 pips              Garlic
            1"                     young Ginger
            1"                     fresh Kunyit


            1                      Big Onion, slice into rings


             2 teasp          Sugar
             2 teasp          Tomato Paste
             1 teasp          Vinegar
             2 Tabsp        Tomato Ketchup
             3 Tabsp        Chilli Sauce
                                    Salt to taste


             1 cup             Water

  1.  Rinse chicken & Pat dry with paper kitchen towel.  Season lightly with 1/2 teasp salt for 10 minutes while you prepare the rempah.
  2. Blend "B" into a fine paste [rempah].
  3. Heat 1 cup oil in a wok over medium heat & fry the chicken in two batches in order to seal the juices; stirring about 5 minutes in total.  Drain & remove chicken.
  4. Pour out all but 4 Tabsp of oil in the wok that was used to fry the chicken [as the oil has umps of flavour] & fry the Onion rings for 2 minutes.  Carefully remove the onion rings; leaving as much of the oil in the pan as possible.
  5. Fry the blended rempah over medium heat until fragrant & oil separates [tip: Most Nyonya cooks will swear that if there isn't suffient oil to fry the rempah, yr curry wont taste good.  My better half, being a Baba, stands by this fact, his mum being a truly wonderful cook, and even though I am health conscious, I would have to agree with both his mum and him and the only way I would ease my conscious is to scope excess oil once it is cooked and fry veg with just enough oil].
  6. Add the seasoning ie "D" & cook for 3 - 5 minutes.
  7. Add "E" bring this to a boil & then return the chicken into the wok.  Simmer for 5 minutes, taste & adding any salt or sugar if necessary. Lastly add the fried Onion rings cook for another minute.  If you like you can garnish with a few sprigs of Yin Sai/celery leaves.
                    It would be better if you cook this in the afternoon and warm it up & serve it for dinner to give time for the food to infuse.  Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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