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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beef Rendang

              This is a simple recipe that does not have much prep work and taste good. You will note that it is a revolutionary style of cooking ie that the rempah is marinated with the beef & not tumis/fried with oil first.  Serve the Rendang with Chicken Curry and Roti Jala; both recipes in my blog.


                 20                  Dried Chillies
                 18                  small Onions/Shallots
                   8 pips          Garlic
                   1 1/2"           young Ginger
                  2"                  Galanga/Lengkuas
                  3                     fat Lemon Grass/Serai
                  2"                   Fresh Kunyit/Tumeric


                   1 cup            grated Coconut [to make kerisik]


                500 gm            lean Beef [stewing cut]


               600 ml              "Thin" Santan [mix 150 ml Fresh Santan with 450 ml water]


               1 - 2 pieces       Assam Keping
                  2                      Kunyit leaves, shred [Not to the extreme ends] then knot it
                  2                      Kaffir Lime leaves/Daun Limau Perut [remove centre vein & cut finely]


                2 level teasp    Salt
                1 level teasp    Sugar, opt

  1. *Pound/blend "A" till fine. 
  2. Fry "B" Without Oil in a wok over low medium fire; stirring till crisp & golden brown.  Cool down slightly then grind in a processor till fine.
  3. Cut beef into 2 cm x 3 cm slices.
  4. Marinade the beef with the blended ingredients in the fridge for 2 hour for all the flavour to infuse the meat.
  5. Remove beef from fridge & thaw for 30 - 45 minutes.
  6. Place beef & "D" ie the thin Santan, "B" AND "E"  in a large pot.  Bring it to a boil Then Reduce fire to medium low to simmer; stirring occasionally till liquid almost evaporated; a red film of oil will start to rise to the surface.
  7. Add "F" and taste and adjust salt and sugar if necessary.
                        Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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aw said...

I always use Maggi instant rendang paste. But ran out of the last pack already.