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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fried Chicken, the Indian style

             I was lucky that I used to live next door to an Indian caterer and whenever he has food orders he will surely pass some food over to us as he normally cooks extra and whenever he gives us fried chicken, I would be in raptures as I love it.  I also asked him what he used and he told me so, of course not the exact amount as he is cooking in bulk.  So today I decided to put it to the test and armed with a pencil and pad, I recorded how much I used for my own record and also in case I need to jiggle it a little further.  So during dinner I asked my better half how did he find the fried chicken and I was happy that he said it was good. Here is the proportion I used.


                2                             whole Chicken leg, chopped into pieces
                4                             medium size garlic
                1 1/2"                      young Ginger
                1/2 Tablespoon       Corn flour               
                1/2 Tablespoon       Red Chilli powder
                1 Tablespoon          Meat Curry powder
                1 Tablespoon          Lemon juice
                1 teaspoon             Salt
                2 sprigs                   Curry leaves
  1. Marinate chicken, cling wrap and put it in the fridge for 4 hours. Before putting the curry leaves, crush it with your palm to release its aroma.  You can either put the curry leaves together with the marinated chicken Or you throw it in the hot oil, remembering to crush it before throwing in the hot oil.
  2. Fry the chicken till golden brown.
                  Tip: One thing we were taught was:-

                        (a) whenever you want to deep fry anything in hot oil; you have to first make the fire big, when *oil is hot put in the chicken pieces then reduce fire to medium so that the outside dont get cook faster than the inside then just before chicken is ready to be taken out, increase fire to High then remove chicken and the whole process of frying should be about 5 - 8 minutes as if you over fry, the chicken will loose its moisture :)

                         (b)  *to know whether oil is hot enough, put a chopstick into the hot oil, if you see alot of bubble round it, oil is hot :)

                        Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia


Sunday, June 26, 2011

My tots after the wedding

              Recently we had a wedding in the family; a Church wedding and 2 wedding dinners; all 3 events ran on oiled wheels; no major hiccups and was mainly handled by the couple themselves; all we, the parents, had to do was to let them know our wedding invitees; send off our invitations and look forward to a day of immense joy and the rest were done by the couple.  Of course when it was nearing the wedding dinner, they roped in the help of siblings from both sides, who then took over the smooth running of both dinners.  What I am so proud was that it was certainly Not Easy trying to juggle your heavy work load; trying to oversee the renovation to the house, with the help of the dad, choosing the finishing touches to the renovation and then furnishing the house and at the sametime juggling yr work and ultimately making sure that the wedding plans were proceedingly well.  If you were to ask me, I think it must have, at some point of time, too much on one's platter that sometimes it feels that it was way, way, too much to handle everything simultaneously but then you can't neglect any of the three esp your work but one thing for sure I am damn proud of the way they both handled it from the word, "Go" and with the help of their respective siblings towards the latter part, everything definitely turned out right.  You had everything laid down to pat with regards to yr work, the much anticipated wedding and your home and even I had to admit; one of your good qualities was knowing where exactly to source for things.  Well done my girl, both of you made us very happy and proud.

           In honour of the auspicious occasion, I made the wedding cake.

                                                 The Chocolate Wedding cake I baked xoxo

                       Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mammoth Project - a wedding dedication to my daughter and son-in-law

              Wao I have not been posting any new post for the past two weeks as my daughter was getting married and we were all on over drive.  Phew 60% work done, 40% count down had just started.  I asked my girl last year whether she wanted me to do the traditional white wedding cake as first never had any experience doing it; second that would have given me ample time to practise on fondant and gum paste flowers, as, although I attended the course last year, I didnt find the time to practise due to my cake orders, etc. etc. so when she said, no need, I got to admit, I was slightly relieved as it would be a massive project doing the gum paste flowers, drying them and storing them etc.

              Then three weeks before the wedding she dropped a bomb shell on me.  She asked me whether I was doing the cake and that's when sheer panic set in.  So I thought to myself, as I had no proper experience doing a traditional white wedding cake, I will sway from tradition and forge my own tradition; be on my own turf so to speak and on my own terms.  I decided that I will bake my chocolate cake and buy some lovely wedding decor from baking speciality shops.  I can vouch for my chocolate cake as I learnt it more than 25 years; I did some R&D on it so much so that I had personalised it to my own liking and till today, it remains one of my best sellers. 

             The trouble is, the cake I learnt is 10".  [When some of my customers wanted a smaller chocolate cake for a small party; I have successfully come up with an 8"] The thing is, the largest tin in my collection is 14"; if it had been 15" it would Not be difficult for me to calculate proportionate ingredients, remember this is three weeks before the wedding so I didnt have much time to start shopping aroundI ask myself, will I succeed???  There are so many minute calculation involved [read as in egg, quite difficult] and if my calculation is wrong, I am Toast and there isn't much time!!!  I TELL MYSELF, "Hey chill,  your cake is Plan "B" if all else fail, they will cut the cake provided by the Club and haven't you baked a chocolate cake for Carmen's wedding in March 2005.  Yes I did but that was a single 10" cake; the exact size the recipe calls for and my machine Can't handle a bulk of 4000 gm + volume.  So how lah???" 

             So my beloved daughter so many questions were floating in my head.  What do I do???  I think I will just forge ahead and do it.

            So after playing out all these negative thoughts in my head, I threw all fears away and decided to put my theory to the test and did the trial run two weeks before the wedding and if I succeed I would be all the better for it.  Dividing the volume into two and simultaneously beating it in 2 separate bowls I went for it and I was mighty glad as despite its mammoth size, the cake texture was as soft as how it was supposed to be. The next test, was getting the feed back from the guests that ate the cake and I am happy to say that they loved.  Some of them even asked me whether I added rum in the cake, I said no as there were Muslim brethen there but the implication that there was liqueur when there was none, I think that gave me a tremendous lift.  I am a little sad that I couldn't cut the cake while the dinner wedding was in progress as being chocolatee, it would be a wee bit messy.  So I cut the cake after the wedding dinner was over and half the guests were still there.  So Boss if you are reading this, thank you very much for coming to the dinner and I am sorry I forgot to tell you to stay behind to eat the cake as so excited to talk to you after 7 years absence :( but not to worry I shall make amends and meet up with you sooooon read as in somebody's birthday coming up soon and if I cant make it on the exact date due to Juliana's birthday next day, I will definitely drop by with a cake :) :) :)

               Finally, I was able to do something I really long for, for my daughter and son-in-law's wedding with God at my corner as HE must have heard all my vocal pleas to HIM and I thank HIM for everything HE has done for me and my family.  Wishing you both "Congratulations and a lifetime of God's Blessings, Love, Health, Children, Success in your respective careers.  May you both Always walk in the way of the Lord. Amen".

                                    Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia