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Sunday, June 26, 2011

My tots after the wedding

              Recently we had a wedding in the family; a Church wedding and 2 wedding dinners; all 3 events ran on oiled wheels; no major hiccups and was mainly handled by the couple themselves; all we, the parents, had to do was to let them know our wedding invitees; send off our invitations and look forward to a day of immense joy and the rest were done by the couple.  Of course when it was nearing the wedding dinner, they roped in the help of siblings from both sides, who then took over the smooth running of both dinners.  What I am so proud was that it was certainly Not Easy trying to juggle your heavy work load; trying to oversee the renovation to the house, with the help of the dad, choosing the finishing touches to the renovation and then furnishing the house and at the sametime juggling yr work and ultimately making sure that the wedding plans were proceedingly well.  If you were to ask me, I think it must have, at some point of time, too much on one's platter that sometimes it feels that it was way, way, too much to handle everything simultaneously but then you can't neglect any of the three esp your work but one thing for sure I am damn proud of the way they both handled it from the word, "Go" and with the help of their respective siblings towards the latter part, everything definitely turned out right.  You had everything laid down to pat with regards to yr work, the much anticipated wedding and your home and even I had to admit; one of your good qualities was knowing where exactly to source for things.  Well done my girl, both of you made us very happy and proud.

           In honour of the auspicious occasion, I made the wedding cake.

                                                 The Chocolate Wedding cake I baked xoxo

                       Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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