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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mei Tau & Tapioca Porridge

                When I attended a cooking class, this was a bonus recipe that the Chef gave us; a Chef after my own heart as he is very generous in terms of the food he prepared for us to eat and in sharing his expertise and I am a sweet porridge person probably due to the fact that back in the old days when we didnt have much street food stalls or cafes :( or probably, our pockets were not as flushed as the young kids/students of present time.  Our supply of desserts were made either by our granny or our mum; our humble thanks to them but one thing for sure, we were satisfied with what we were given even the fact we didnt have much toys back then; we were never short of fun as we played more field games; we made use of stones, sticks, rubber bands, etc, etc in our games and we had such great fun; games that the present generation probably have not played.  Again, my humble apologies for being side tracked from the subject matter but I do think that regalling some "stories" makes it more interesting than just typing a recipe that is, if I am a reader in someone's blog of food :)


                600 gm            Mei Tau/Black Eye Beans, wash & discard the floating beans
                400 gm            Tapioca
                    5 Litres        Water
                300 - 400 ml     *Santan
                    2                   Pandan Leaves
                    1"                  Young Ginger, smashed
                                         Gula Melaka
                                         Pinch of Salt
               Thickening agent - Rice Flour + Water

  1. Bring the 5 litres of water to boil.  When water starts to boil, add in the Black Eye Bean, Gula Melaka & smashed Ginger.
  2. When the Black Eye Bean is 3/4 cooked, add in the Tapioca.
  3. When both are cooked, add in the Santan, the amount depending on your personal liking.
  4. Then thicken the porridge with rice flour solution.

                 You can also add:-

                    (a)  Sago;
                    (b)  1 egg [whisk the egg.  Add the whisked egg gradually;
                    (c)  Pisang Raja - Slice then caramalise the sliced bananas with 2 Tablesp sugar
                          short while till bananas are semi transparent then add into the porridge before
                          adding the rice flour solution.

                               Enjoy, till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia


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