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Friday, July 15, 2011

Wu Tau Koh

         I like anything yam; be it savoury or sweet and this post is dedicated to you Elaine and as this was something that an old aunty gave I dont have the exact measurement of the oil; just 3/4 rice bowl and it is the rice bowl that the Chinese like to eat rice with.  When I made it :) I forgot to measure the oil :(

          Those who are new to my blog, welcome and thank you for dropping bye.  All spoons and cups mentioned in my blog are cake measuring spoons and cups.

                     3/4 rice bowl         Oil
                250 gm                      *Rice Flour
                590 ml                       Water [for mixing with the Rice Flour]
                590 ml                        Water [to cook the Yam]

                     1.2 kg                       Yam [net weight]
                        5                             Shallots/small Onions
                        1 teasp                   Garlic, minced
                        2 Tabsp                   Dried Prawns, wash, soak then mince finely
                        2 Tabsp                   Tai Tau Choy [soak tai tau choy in water for 30 minutes
                                                        then minced (Dont want the leaves only stem)
                                                        Tai Tau Choy gives the umpph but make sure
                                                        you soak as it is salty


                         1 teasp                  5 Spice Powder
                         1 teasp                  White Pepper powder
                         2 teasp                  Castor Sugar
                      1 1/2 teasp               Salt
                         1/4 teasp               Ajinomoto, opt

                    1.2 kg yam fits a 12"/26cm pan

                    GARNISH - fried Shallots/small Onions; Spring Onions, Red Chili, Chili Padi & 3 Tabsp Dried Prawns. 


  1. Grease the pan lightly with oil.
  2. Fry 5 Tabsp of Dried Prawns.  Separate 2 Tablesp for cooking the yam and 3 Tablesp for the Garnish.
  3. In a bowl mix 590 ml Water with the Rice Flour.
  4. Use back the same oil, as fragrant after frying the Dried Prawns, when oil is hot saute the minced Shallots for 2 - 3 minutes then add in the minced Garlic and chopped Tai Tau Choy & fry till aromatic.
  5. Put in the cubed Yam & stir 2 - 3 minutes to allow yam to infuse.
  7. Then add in 590 ml Water; stir then add in the Seasoning and cook till yam turns colour.
  8. Stir the Water & Yam mixture before adding it to No.5.  Keep on stirring till it thickens
  9. Pour into greased tin & steam for 45 minutes +- on medium heat.

              (a)  Once yam is ready straight away sprinkle the Fried dried prawns and fried shallots as once yam is cold these Cannot stick;

              (b)  As this is quite a big portion; it would be a good idea to put aside aside some and ONLY sprinkle the sliced red chilli, chili padi, spring onions on the portion to be eaten same day as these are wet and will encourage wu tau koh to be "busok" for lack of an English word :), the next day.

             (c) The fire to steam the yam should be medium if fire is too big, the level of the wu tau koh may not be straight.

                         Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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