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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


             There are so many different kinds of flour available and although I have learnt and done a lot of baking for the past 25 years please bear in mind that I am not a Baker or Chef by profession, just someone who have an unconsummable passion for baking and cooking and just want to share the little I know; for more info please check them out yourselves.

               Types of Flour

              First stop and one that is very familiar is the Wheat Flour.  It is an all purpose flour also known as Plain Flour. It can be used for baking cakes, muffins, pancakes, local kuih and also for making batter.

              Next the High Ratio Flour.  This flour is fine and cakes made from this flour have a very fine texture.

              Low Protein Flour.

              Self Raising Flour as its name implies generally when you use this flour to bake cakes, you dont need to add baking powder.

              High Protein Flour which is used to bake bread.

             Wholemeal Flour it has a high fibre content and is used for bread making.

             Rye Flour used mainly for bread making but also requires the addition of High Protein Flour.

             Sugee or Semolina Flour, it is pale yellow in colour and coarsely ground and it is usually used for making Sugee cake [aaah my favourite], pasta and bread.

              Pau Flour used to make pau.

              Other Grains

             Corn Flour commonly used as a thickening agent and is also used in some cake and cookie recipes.

             Glutinous Rice Flour is commonly used in making kuih.

             Rice Flour is used for making taro cakes, kuih lapis and for making batter.


           Sago Flour often used to make kuih

           Tapioca Flour mainly used as a thickening agent

           Arrowroot Flour used as a thickening agent

           Water Chestnut Flour can be used as a thickening agent

           Green Pea Flour can also be used a thickening agent.

                     Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

                       P.S. There are many more flours available but these are the ones that are more familiar to me. 

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