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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fried Nasi Ulam

               This recipe below is to welcome my latest new Follower, hope you do try it and like it :) For new visitors to my blog all spoons and cups mentioned in my blog are cake measuring spoons and cups. 

               Whenever you mention Nasi Ulam; one gets the deep impression that the Ulam is raw and there are 2 things; either you love eating it this way or you dont.  Me? I love eating it that way and so when I went for this class; to my surprise the Ulam was fried a very short while, so that the Ulam had a chance to infuse the rice, and I found that it took the Nasi Ulam to the next level; it suited the palates of my non Malay friends that went together with me to the class as they were not used to eating raw Ulam or vegetable for that matter.  Me? I grew up in a kampong and my neighbours were mostly Malays and from my early youth I was "exposed" to eating "hot stuff" and even eating some vegetables raw, case in point, I love to shred Cabbage and eat it raw with fried rice; the Cabbage had a sweet taste eaten raw. On a side note, I remember whenever it was Puasa in my youth, our Malay brethen used to pass us either desserts or food, yumm and I remember the old days fondly.


                  8                          Daun Kadok, slice finely
                  8                          Daun Limau Perut, remove the veins & slice finely
                  2                          Daun Kunyit, slice finely
                20 gm                    Daun Kesom, slice finely
                20 gm                    Daun Selasih/local Basil leaves, slice finely
                  2                          Bunga Kantan, slice finely

              "A" - Rempah

              200 gm                      Small Onions/Shallots
                50 gm                      Garlic
                  8 stalks                  Serai
                50 gm                      young Ginger
                  2 teasp                  Toasted Belacan
                  1 teasp                   Ground White Pepper


                       4 Tablesp           *Dried Prawns, toasted & then blended
                     12                          Long Beans/Kacang Panjang, sliced
              1.5 kg                          *cooked Rice
                       6                         *Ikan Selar, grilled then flake the flesh
                  300 gm                     *Prawns
                    60 gm                     *Salted Fish [Tanau Ham Yee]


                       1 Tablesp            Ikan Bilis/Prawn granules [brand like, "Tumix"] to enhance flavour
                       2 teasp               Salt
                       2 teasp               Sugar


                       4 Tablesp             fried Shallots
                       1                          Cucumber, seeded & cubed
                       4                           Red Chillies, seeded & sliced
                     10                           Chilli Padi, sliced
  1. Wash the dried prawns, soak it for 10 minutes then blend it finely.  Fry it without oil till fragrant, 1 - 2 minutes.
  2. Line baking tray with foil.  Then grease the foil lightly with oil [so fish wont stick to foil] then grill in the oven short while.  Then flake the fish.
  3. Fry the prawn in a little oil for a short while.  Remove the prawns & set aside.  Scope the *oil into a small bowl & use this oil & put in Step 8 as the oil is flavoured with tons of flavour.
  4. Heat 10 Tablespoons of oil, add in the pre fried fried prawns till fragrant about a minute.
  5. Add in the blended Rempah & fry till fragrant & "peca minyak" [ie you can see the rempah having little oil wells :) ] then add in the seasoning & stir fry for a minute.
  6. Add in the long beans fry for 2 minutes.
  7. Then add in the cooked rice stir fry and at the same time use the frying laddle to press the rice until free of lumps & fry till fragrant.
  8. Mix in the fish flakes, prawns & *the oil that you fried the prawns & pre fried salted fish stir fry till it incorporates well.
  9. Finally add in the Ulam and stir fry for 1 - 2 minutes for the earthly herbs to infuse.
  10. Dish out & spread the garnishing.

               (a)  Cook the rice the nite before; cool it then refrigerate the rice;
               (b)  Tanau Ham Yee - Wash it gently then pat dry with paper kitchen towel.  Slice
                      the salted fish thinly then fry with a little oil;
               (c)   It may seem a lot of work :) but you can do the rempah the day before and the rest of the work on the day itself;
               (d)   The Ulam it is Best to shred it on the day you are making the Nasi Ulam;
               (e)    You may also think why bother to measure everything for cooking.  For me, I am always very particular about constant results so that you know the second time you do the same recipe; the taste would be the same and if you find that you want to tone down on something; minute it down in the recipe so that you will know what adjustments you want to make when doing it again as it is very easy to forget what adjustments we want as when we do it next, it could be a year later!!! God bless and happy cooking.

                      Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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