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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grill Fish with Tumeric Leaf served with mild curry sauce

                Wao I learnt this in 2001; ten years wao long time ago, from a budding young and talented Chef, who subsequently became one of my best friends as we clicked from the word "Go".  I made this once and to me, it was excellent.  You may be wondering why if, it is excellent, I made only once.  Well I have learnt so much and it takes quite a long time before I can come full circle to cook it again as on top of cooking what I learnt, I also cook my Peranakan cooking and add to it, when I have alot of cake orders, I would simply tau pau dinner. 

               Ok I just made this fish last nite so I have the pictures to upload.  A variation I did, if you want to raise the bar, if you are grilling the fish, fry the fish together with the kunyit/tumeric leaf for a short while as when "hot oil meets kunyit leaf" the flavour & smell of the kunyit leaf will be infused in the fish; then grill it for a short while till fish cooked; remembering not to over cook the fish. Ophelia 24.10.2011


                     4                  *Fish Fillet
                                          Juice of half a Lemon
                     4                   Tumeric Leaf/Daun Kunyit
                     2 Tabsp         *Madras Curry Powder
                   1/2"                  young Ginger
                     1 can              Pineapple juice
                 100 ml                *Whipping Cream

                       1 piece          ripe Papaya/Melon
                       1 packet        Choy Tam
                       4                    Potatoes
                       2 packets       young Corn

                                             Adequate Salt & White Pepper powder

  1. Wash & trim the fish then marinade with juice of half a Lemon, adequate Salt & White Pepper Powder.
  2. Wrap the fish in the Kunyit Leaf.  Put in the fridge to marinade for 30 minutes.
  3. Wash & clean the vegetables.  Using a Melon Scoop, scoop out the Papaya Or Melon; set aside.
  4. Blanch/boil the Potatoes & Vegetables till cooked.  Straight away submerge them in cold water for 3 minutes to stop cooking process.
  5. In a pan saute the sliced ginger with some oil.  Then add in the curry powder & saute/fry till you can see oil bubbling in little wells :)
  6. Add in the Pineapple juice then boil it till it reduces to half.  Remove from fire & strain the mixture.
  7. Bring the strained mixture to the fire  then add in the Cream & add adequate salt ; bring it to a gentle boil.  Remove from fire & set aside.
  8. Saute/fry the vegetables till cooked.
  9. Shallow fry OR grill the fish till cooked.  Pse note that fish cooks/grill very easily so do not over do same.  If you are grilling place the wrapped fish in a *baking tray which is lined with foil.
  10. Plate the cooked fish on a platter with the cooked veg & serve it with the pineapple sauce.

               (a)  The *fish fillets that the Chef used was Sole fish.  This is quite a huge portion suitable for 4 - 6 pax;
               (b) The *Madras Curry Powder is a mild curry powder and the brand that was used is "Watch Brand Curry Powder" which if I am not wrong, manufactured in England.  The "operative" word in this recipe is "mild";
                (c)  *Whipping Cream is non dairy and can be baked and cooked and there are so many brands in the market like "Anchor", "Emborg", "Shani" etc, etc.
                 (d)  If you want to grill or bake anything it is always good to line the baking tray with foil as easier clean up job :)
                  (e)  Foil - if you cover your foil or line your baking trays with the:-

                           (i) shinny surface of the foil this reflects the heat;
                          (ii)  matt surface of the foil this retains the heat.  An example is if you are baking, for instance a Carrot cake and you notice that 15 minutes before the baking time is due, the top of your Carrot cake is too brown, place the shinny surface of the foil on top of the cake so that it will, sort of, reflect the heat from the top and in most instances, this action would save the day BUT remember you have to quickly open & place it & quickly close oven door as the hot air will disperse;

                       these tips on the foil was curtesy of the Chef that I learnt from and thanks to her, I learnt alot. Sorry I indicated shinny & matt surface of foil wrongly and have now corrected (i) & (ii). My humble apologies.

                                        After frying the fish together with the kunyit leaf, I grilled them
               Have to chao now as got a wedding dinner of my bff's daughter my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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