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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Herb brined smoked roasted Chicken

               Wao to do this dish, I had to make sure I did not have any cake orders as it entailed 3 days of work before you can eat the final product and I had to remove 2 racks and the vegetable compartment out to leave me space to put my cooler in the fridge as I didnt have a pot large and narrow enuf as if you use a pot that is large and wide the brine will not have sufficient height for the chicken and even though I used a cooler the chick was only half submerged so I resorted to turning the chicken around in intervals of 2 hours and so far I have made this smoked roast twice; once last year and again last nite but it sure was worth all the effort when your family says that this smoked roast must be the mother of all roast!!!  The chicken meat was tender and succulent and the flavour and aroma of the barbique liquid smoke took roasting to another level. 

               Indeed one of the best roast I have ever made and better half told me to do it again, which I am doing tonite, after eating it a few days ago and this time instead of roasting a whole chicken, I am trying same with whole chicken legs; of course keeping to the same weight of the chicken as per the recipe. I find that after more than 25 years of learning baking and cooking and then practising both; I am now more inclined to go outside the box and see where it brings me.  Atta girl.  I wonder if any of you are interested to learn this.  If so, leave a comment here but I must first let you know that I had to make sure that one of the vegetable compartments of my fridges had to be removed and 2 racks too to make room for my cooler to be in the fridge and while removing same; of course it was also opportunte to clean the fridge with a good wet tea towel.

               Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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