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Monday, August 22, 2011

Honey Snap tipbit

                Continuing my series on Biscuits/ snacks. When I learnt this many years back, I was very happy as it was quite simple to do it although when we tasted them it was quite salty as the teached added 1/4 teasp of Salt for such a small recipe so when I did this, I duly took note of the salt and just added a pinch of salt and it tasted good and crunchy.  Since this is a small portion it is very convenient and easy to do for some snacks while watch telly!!!


         100 gm          Groundnuts, fry without oil
             2 Tabsp     Sesame Seeds, fry without oil
         100 gm          Corn Flakes


         60 gm           Butter
         50 ml            Honey
           1 Tabsp      Sugar
                              A good pinch of salt [making sure this does Not exceed a 1/4 teasp]


  1. First fry the Sesame seeds without oil on low medium fire.  Remove onto plate.
  2. Then fry the ground nuts without oil on low medium fire.  Remove from fire & place them immediately on a tea towel, close the tea towel & rub off the skin.  Place the nuts in a small bowl.
  3. Preheat oven at 170 degrees Centigrade before proceeding with Step No.4.
  4. Boil "B" on Low heat  & stir same till Sugar melts & immediately stir in the fried peanuts & Sesame seeds & Cornflakes.
  5. Scoop into small, *double, paper cups & bake for 8 - 10 minutes in a preheated oven at 170 degrees Centigrade.

               (a)  Groundnuts - Do NOT fry the groundnuts and Sesame seeds with oil. The skins of the groundnuts should be taken off immediately after being fried otherwise it is difficult to remove the skins when they are cold.

               (b)  Butter -  General information - Always use a good butter when baking cakes and here in this recipe too as the flavour and aroma of a good butter is unbeatable.

               (c)  Corn flakes - Always use a good cornflake;

               (d)  Small paper cups - these are the small paper cups one where it looks dainty.  A good tip is when you use *paper cups, put double paper cups then fill in as it gives more support.  These are things that I saw the Chef doing and asked her why and she told me it was to lend support and ever since then I followed it rigidly as it did make sense if you add your batter in a single paper cup that it may "sag" sideways :)

               (e)  Sesame seeds - sometimes a recipe calls for both white and black Sesame Seeds and if we are supposed to fry them; fry them without oil separately; the white then the black and dont fry too long and then again if we are suppose to process/blend the white Sesame seeds; Do Not over blend it as then oil will ooze out.  Sorry for sometimes going "outside" the box by giving info not relate to the recipe at hand, I find that during class whenever the Chef tells us "irrelevant" info not related to the recipe, my brain soaks all these up like a sponge haha, and meticulously I will jot all tips, observations down in shorthand and when I come back I will transcribe the whole recipe plus my notes onto my computer immediately and try to save it on a thumb drive when they are fresh on my mind, as a back up to a recipe cos if you loose yr recipe at least you have a back up.  Of course I can always ask for a copy of the recipe from my fellow friend who attended the same class but 1)  can you remember who went with you to the class if you lose the recipe years later but more important, 2)  even if you do remember who went with you to the class, her notes and her way of understanding the steps may be different from yours.  Thus whenever I attend a class, in most instance I am armed with a notepan to write down my notes and observation and in most cases, I dont talk much to my fellow friends during class and watch attentitively what the Chef is doing for in that way, you absorb more and learn more and if you write your notes well even if you bake the said recipe many years later at least you have your notes to refreshen yr memory.

              Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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