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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Main Course

              Some info I just want to share which I learnt years ago from a budding Chef.  Main course is an important part of the meal and there are different methods of cooking and the meats can vary from seafood, chicken, beef, lamb, etc. etc.

               Basically there are a few methods of cooking:-
  1. Grilling in the oven
  2. Barbique on coals
  3. Roasting
  4. Braising/stewing
  5. Steaming - which is a healthy option
  6. Poaching - submerging in water
  7. Deep Frying
  8. Shallow Frying
  9. Stir Frying and
  10. Boiling;
                  this was what we were told but there could be more ways and in main course, there are a few points to remember:-

               (a)  Keep the portion size apportionate;
              (b)  Make sure that the food is done accordingly to request;
             (c)  Pay close attention to the vegetables that accompany the meal; and last but certainly, not the least;
             (d)  Presentation should be attractive and special cos if the presentation is done attractively you have already won pointers BUT it is no point winning pointers on presentation alone, the taste should be in tandem with the presentation; pay close attention that the particular food that you cook should be done in the manner that befits the meat and using fresh herbs or dried and pairing the herb with the right meat eg Rosemary goes well with Beef; Tarragon and Dill goes well with Chicken; Dill also goes well with Fish; Thymne with Lamb and the list goes on.... and It should also be noted that some herbs are "slow starters" and needs to be put early in the dish you are cooking eg Bay leaf and Thymne.

                Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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