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Monday, September 26, 2011

Raita with Banana & Granny Smith

                What's a Riata?  A simple explanation is that Raita is created by mixing plain Yogurt with fruits or veg & spices and it can range from either sweet to spicy.  This Raita that I learnt was quite good as I am a Banana person :) and the Yogurt that we learnt was easy to do.  I cant remember whether I have uploaded my Yogurt recipe; I think I didnt and will do same.


               2 cups               plain Yogurt
               1 teasp             *roasted Cumin powder
             1/4 teasp            Red Chilli powder
             1/2 teasp            Cardamom powder
              1/8 teasp           Salt
                2 teasp            Castor Sugar

                4                      Pisang Mas
                1/2                   Green Apple

  1. *Cumin powder. Fry it without oil, for 1 minute.
  2. Mix the Yogurt, Cardamom powder, Salt & Sugar.  Mix in the Bananas & Green Apple.
  3. Place them in a dish.
  4. For decor - Draw some red lines, using the Red Chilli powder by taking a little Red Chilli powder in your thumb and first finger & going downwards. Then do the same for the roasted Cumin powder & going from left to right.
                   Comments - It is good to blend/mill your own spices and you dont have to do alot at the sametime.  I normally like to wash a small handful Cumin seeds or whatever seeds that I want to mill.  Then I spread them spaciously on a tray and sun it for a while and every now & them spreading them as it is quite difficult for the water to drain from the seeds when in a siever; unless you rajin to use your finger to move the seeds on & off & them spread them on a paper kitchen towel, cover it & let it air dry over nite; spreading them occasionally. Once they are dried, I fry them without oil for 2 - 3 minutes & then blend them fine.  Once they have cooled, I put it in a small bottle & freeze it and the aroma when you open the bottle is awesome.  Thus I have this penchant of collecting small jam bottles.  When I was in Sdyney this year, I bought Raspberry jam in this cute little bottle, haha I wonder whether I was drawn more for the bottle or the jam, and of course we couldnt finish the jam so my sister in law packed it well in her check in luggage and it now forms my little collection of bottles for my blended spices and there is a huge difference in blending a small batch of spices, Black Pepper yourself; the aroma is to die for and if you were to say that well, you have the time now that you have retired and I will tell you that I did same even when I was working; the thing is to do in small batches, labelling, dating them and freezing same.

                    Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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