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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kum Heong Lala

           This dish happens to be one of my better half's favourite and whenever we go to this particular restaurant, this dish will be one of the dishes we order and then when it is placed in front of me, I will use my fork to try to "dissect" and take note what is in the mix and then I will find the recipe for same, if I have learnt it before & I will then incorporate what I saw at the restaurant. 

         What is also nice is cuttlefish, crabs & prawns but whatever you use here, just remember that you shouldnt cook it too long as they get cooked fast but a word of advice though, for the:-

             (i)  Cuttlefish - 1.  after cleaning; cut it into two; if you are using the small type; then use your knife to cut some lines on the top, this would give you pattern after it has been scalded/cooked;  2.  then boil some water & put in the cuttlefish for a 1 - 2 minutes, then straight away remove it with a siever;

            (ii)  Crabs - just fry them in sufficient hot oil till it turns red in colour, dish out onto platter, as you are going to continue cooking them when you mix the pre fried crabs with the Kum Heong ingredients but most important used this oil, that has been flavoured with the crabs/prawns for there is tons of flavour, for cooking the Kum Heong.  For this crabs, I just use Yoke Hai/Flower Crabs; of course for the crabs you have to use crabs & the other ingredients so buy 1 kg crabs & double the "C" portion in the recipe;

           (iii) Finally for the Lala, I didn't pre cook them.

              Now let's get down to the business of "cooking" :)



             1 Tablesp         Dried Prawns
             3 Tablesp         Oil


             6 cloves             Garlic
             1                        Big Onion
             5                        Dried Chillies
             2 sprigs               Curry Leaves
             5                         Chilli Padi


               2 Tablesp          Meat Curry Powder
               1 Tablesp          Red Chilli Powder
               1/2 Tablesp       Castor Sugar
               1/4 teaspoon    Salt
                  3 Tablesp       Water


               500 gm              Lala

  1. Wash, dry & chop the dried prawns.
  2. Combine "C" in a small bowl.
  3. Heat the Oil in a frying pan & fragrant the Dried Prawns short while [when you see them "jumping" :) in the hot oil proceed with Step No.3].
  4. Add in the Garlic, Big Onions, Dried Chillies, Curry leaves & Chilli Padi & saute/fry them 2 - 3 minutes.
  5. Add in "C" give it a stir then add in the Lala; give it a stir.  If you want a little more gravy; add in a tablespoon of water; check for taste & add Salt, if necessary.
  6. Add a few drops of Oil give it a stir then Dish out; most important dont overcook the Lala.  [Adding a few drops of Oil at the very last minute; gives the dish a glossyness but note that these few drops of oil is not mentioned in the above ingredients.  This is my own trade secret :) ]
                      Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia


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