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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mango Panna Cotta

          What is a Panna Cotta one may ask?  In simple terms it is a custard/pudding made by simmering milk & sugar and then tempering cream, gelatine & letting it set in the fridge. The texture of the Panna Cotta should be velvety smooth. 

         I learnt this Mango Panna Cotta and the texture is lovely and it is not so sweet.


             500 ml                   *Dairy Whipping Cream [brands like, "Anchor," "Shani", "Emborg"]
             240 ml                    UHT Milk
             110 gm                   Castor Sugar
             300 gm                   Mango [weight inclusive of skin]
               16 gm                   Gelatine powder
               75 ml                    cold Water

  1. Blend the *Mango with some of the Whipping Cream from the 500 ml Whipping Cream & set aside.
  2. Sprinkle slowly all the gelatine powder into a bowl containing the 75 ml cold water. Use a spoon to combine both the gelatine powder & water.  Leave for a few minutes for it to form a *"mass".  [see picture below].
  3. Put the Milk & Sugar in a pot & simmer on low medium fire; stir till sugar dissolves.  Once you see quite a bit of bubbles along the sides, remove from fire.
  4. Double boil the gelatine mixture for a *short while till it turns liquidy.
  5. Add a big laddleful of the *hot milk mixture to the balance of the whipping cream & stir while doing so.  Add another laddleful & stir.  Then add the rest of the milk mixture.
  6. Add in the mangoo puree & the warm gelatine a little bit at first, stir to mix well, then the rest of the warm gelatine.
  7. Straight away work on the lumps if any by pouring it through a siever into a jug & mashing the lumps.
  8. Put the bits of *mango pieces, if any, that is in the siever into the strained mixture * then pour into your small moulds & if possible *cover the moulds & chill in the fridge until it sets.

            (a)  *Dairy Whipping Cream, brands like the ones mentioned above.  The difference between Dairy Whipping Cream & Non-Dairy Whipping Cream is that:-

                    (i) Dairy Whipping Cream - you can use same to bake Cheese cakes & you can also
                         use it in your cooking;

                    (ii) Non-Dairy Whipping Cream is sweet & used for decorating cakes & again I stress
                          that I am not a Chef/Baker and these are just info given to us by our Chefs and
                          which I use accordingly. Without prejudice and no disrespect of any company.

            (b)  *Mango - it is easier to blend the mango with some of the whipping cream.
            (c)  *Milk - make sure when "boiling" the milk that (i) the fire is not high (ii) you Do not over boil the milk as it rises very quickly to the top but most importantly, it will form a skin on top;

            (d)  *Gelatine - it is double boiled/bain marie using an apparatus consisting of an upper pot containing the substance to be boiled and placed over a lower pot containing hot water and when the water is brought to a boil; the steam from it transfers the heat onto the upper pot.  Boil the water in the lower pot first; then place the "gelatine mass" in the upper pot.  It will liquidy quite quickly.  In the same manner do not over boil it as it may form some streaks of gelatine which will not give the Panna Cotta a smooth texture as you may get some chewy streaks of gelatine.  If you dont have a double boiler, use 2 small sauce pots! Another important point to take note is to add the melted gelatine mixture slowly into the mixture & stir as you dont want to "shock" the mixture.  In culnary terms this process of adding hot liquid into a room temperature mixture is called "Tempering".

              (e)  Whenever you make this or any jelly for that matter, always wet the moulds, just fling off the water as we were taught that it is easier for them to come out especially if you use plastic moulds like the one in my picture.  Then if you want to unmould the jelly from the plastic moulds, dip a knife into hot water and use the knife to go round the mould, then turn over onto saucer;

              (f)  Finally in respect of Step No.8 - by adding any little bits of mango pieces, if any, that is in the seiver, gives the Panna Cotta a kind of bite instead of just a perfect smooth texture.  The texture of this is very silky smooth, no effort or "teeth" needed!!! :) ]

                  Please note that I am not a Chef or Baker by professional; just someone who learnt baking & then the spin off, cooking, for more than 2 decades & whose passion for both is unconsumable!!!  Forgive me if my recipes seem indepth as I have also incorporated my notes that I took during class onto the recipe; as I believe that if I want to share my most treasured possession as I want to touch your lives in a little way especially young adults & after paying so many tens of thousands for all those numerous classes, it just didnt seem right if I let these recipes, that I learnt and love so much, die with me :) and I sincerely hope that they bring you much joy and "tummy" satisfaction as it mine and I like to give something back to society via blog world for all the good the Lord has done for me and my family, praise the Lord, Allelulia. God bless. Ophelia.

                                                  After soaking the gelatine powder in the cold water for a few minutes, it will
                                                  come to this stage and that's when you double boil/bain maire same.

                                          Plastic mould.  Sorry picture not so clear.  Will take a picture again & upload

                               Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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