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Friday, October 14, 2011


                I grew up in a small kampung/neighbourhood where there was a blend of Malays, Chinese, Eurasians, Indians and Sikhs living harmously in close quarters.  I remember vividly when it came to the Puasa/fasting month, the Mak Chiks in our area will pass us food that was so tasty and when it came to Deepavali, the array of Indian delicacy were awesome; the Berani and the accompanying Mutton Varival, etc. etc and the same thing when it came to Christmas and Chinese New Year; it was a never ending feast.  One thing I remember well is the Muruku; it was such a joy eating this spicy & aromatic snack so when the Chef was teaching Muruku, I made sure that I cleared my calendar and attended this class and it was awesome as she used Cornflakes in the mix also.  Now who would have heard of that? Now that Deepavali is just round the corner, I do hope you will try this.

               For new visitors to my blog, welcome.  For all spoons and cups mentioned in my Blog, please always, use cake measuring spoons & cups.


                 300 gm                                Rice Flour, sieved
                 250 gm                               Ulunthu Flour, sieved
                      3 level teasp                 Baking Powder, sieved
                      2 level Tablesp               Meat Curry Powder, sieved
                      1 level Tablesp               Chilli Powder, sieved
                      2 level teasp                  *Ajowan seeds, wash, drain, fried without oil, Cool completely
                    25 gm                               *Sesame seeds, fried without oil, opt.  Cool completely
                      5 gm                               Curry leaves
                      4                                     Kafir leaves/daun Limau Perut, remove vein & slice thinly
                   100 gm                              Corn flakes, crushed finely
                   450 ml                               UHT Coconut Milk
                   450 ml                               Water
                        1 level teasp               Salt
                        1 level teasp               Sugar
                      50 gm                             Margarine or Vegetable Oil
                      16 gm                             Dried Prawn seasoning powder

                                                            Oil for deep frying
  1. Sieve the Rice Flour, Ulunthu Flour, Baking Powder, Curry Powder, Chilli Powder & sieve together into a large mixing bowl. Then add the spices, herbs, seeds, curry leaves, Kafir leaves into the same mixing bowl & use a spatula to stir.  Make a well in the centre & set aside.
  2. Combine the UHT Coconut Milk, Water, Salt, Sugar, Margarine & Dried Prawn seasoning powder in a pot & bring it to a slow boil over Low heat.  Remove Coconut mixture from the fire & add into the well ie No.1 above, while stirring with a wooden spoon until a soft, smooth dough forms.
  3. Add  the crushed corn flakes & give it a stir.  Remove dough to another bowl & Cover with cling film & set aside.
  4. Heat oil in *wok  [to test whether hot enuf; drop a small piece of dough into oil, if it floats, the oil is hot enough] OR use a deep fryer temperature 160 degrees Centigrade if you are making thick Muruku or 180 degrees Centigrade if you are making thin muruku.
  5. Fit a Muruku mould with any plate of your choice.  Fill mould with dough.
  6. Pipe as desired into the hot oil.
  7. If you are using a *wok fry over medium heat till brown and crisp.  For thick muruku increase the fire towards the end of frying.
  8. Drain on disposable paper kitchen towels.  Once cooled, store in air tight containers.

                     (a)  Grease the muruku mould;
                     (b)  Ajowan/Oman seeds - put then into a siever under running water till it is clear.  Squeeze then drain them on a siever.  Then pan fry without oil short while till fragrant.  Cool completely.  Perhaps, you should do this first in order for it to cool.

                  till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.

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