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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Coffee & Chocolate flavoured ice cream recipe

               This is dedicated to Cynthia & my very good friends, Anthony & Ilene.  Cynthia, hope you have fun doing it & let me know whether you like it. Ophelia.


                12 gm               Nescafe Coffee Powder
                25 gm               *Belgium Bitter Sweet Couvertures
              250 ml                UHT Full Cream Milk
                65 gm               soft Brown Sugar
                  4                     Egg Yolks
              300 ml                Whipping Cream [example brands like, "Anchor", "Emborg", "Shani"]


         Prep work before you start to use your ice cream maker

         1.  Cut a grease proof paper to fit the size of the bowl.
         2.  Put some ice cubes & water in a basin.

  1. Break up the couvertures into small pieces for easy melting.
  2. Place egg yolks & brown sugar in a bowl & stir till both are incorporated.
  3. Place UHT Milk in a small pot & heat the milk on *low medium heat, stirring to *ALMOST boiling point.  Lower the heat & stir in the coffee powder & couvertures & stir till couvertures & coffee powder have melted & is a smooth consistency.
  4. Pour in gradually the semi hot milk into the egg mixture, keep stirring, in order to temper the hot mixture then add the balance of the semi hot milk gradually into the egg mixture while stirring gently continuously till combine.  *STRAIN this mixture into a bowl & double boil/bain marie i.e. bowl over a pot of simmering hot water on Low medium fire, stirring with a whisk constantly till it thickens enough to *coat the back of a METAL spoon [this step would take about 3 - 5 minutes; see my notes at the bottom] making sure that you do NOT over boil as the eggs will then curdle & you wont have a smooth consistency.
  5. Remove from the fire  & immediate place it in a small basin filled with ice water in order to stop the cooking process.
  6. Place the cut up *grease paper on top of this custard; cling wrap the bowl & put in the fridge until this custard is cold.
  7. Remove the cold custard from fridge. Stir in the Whipping Cream into the custard till it combines. Put this custard in the fridge for a short while while you fit in your Ice Cream maker.
  8. After fitting in the ice cream maker, pour in the cold custard through the opening & *churn till thick, the process of churning for this ice cream would be 30 - 35 minutes & to know when it is ready, the whisk of the ice cream maker would go anti clockwise.
  9. Use a wooden spoon & transfer the ice cream into a container, cover & store in freezer for 2 - 3 hours before eating.

             a)  Your hands/utensil should be dry & clean when handling couvertures;
             b)  *Grease proof is placed on top of the custard before putting in the fridge to cool in order to stop the formation of a skin;
             c)  *Low Medium Heat - it is important that the fire should not be high esp when boiling the UHT Milk in order to avoid a skin formation.  This also applies when doing the custard;
             d)  It is very important that you pour in the hot milk gradually while stirring into the egg yolks & brown sugar mixture as you want the temperature of the hot milk & room temperature egg yolk mixture to be gradual; this is called "tempering";
              e) * Very important also to Strain the mixture;
              f)  To know when your custard is ready; use a metal spoon dip it into the hot custard; use your finger & draw a line at the back of the spoon and if you can get a line that is clear; your custard is ready.  This method is esp useful when you are also doing mousse cakes.

              How to operate an ice cream maker - these were my Chef's verbal instructions which I took down in shorthand and which are very useful & of course you have to read the instructions from the manufacture's manual and these are just additional notes

              (i)  Just wipe the motor unit with a dry, clean cloth;

              (ii)  Wash your ice cream maker freezing container.  After washing; wipe dry thoroughly with a dry clean cloth making sure that there is not a drop of water in the freezing container.  Leave it outside for a short while to air dry the freezing container then place it in your freezer OVERNITE.  You can take note of this when your freezing container is at room temperature you can hear some "movement" when you shake it; once you have kept it overnight in the freezer, there is no sound when you shake it;

            (iii)  When everything is ready & your custard cold; then only take the freezing container from the freezer; wipe the bits of ice outside it with a kitchen towel.  Attach the paddle to the motor unit properly; then lock the unit, you should hear a click sound.  Then switch on the machine (a) check that the paddle is moving steadily & not wobbly (b) then pour in the cold custard through the chute [if the paddle is Not inserted properly & you pour the custard, immediately it will turn icy;

             (iv)  The paddle will move anti clockwise when your ice cream is ready.  Then remove it with a wooden spoon onto a container & freeze for 2 - 3 hours;

              (v)  After removing the ice cream, DO NOT wash the freezing container.  Leave it for 3 - 4 hours for it to be at room temperaturen again otherwise when it comes into contac with water, it will crystallize.  Then wash it.  Wipe dry making sure there is no water on the container.  Air dry then put in the freezer again if you want to make ice cream again soon otherwise store it away in the box

                                           Affixing the grease proof paper directly on the custard before putting it in the fridge.

                                                    Belgium bitter sweet couvertures

                 Hope my notes and comments are helpful. Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia


Gratitude said...

So glad for your recipies. It'll be marked as my 1st electronic recipe! ;)

Ophelia said...

Haha good one Ant. Dedicated this to you as you were asking me about the Krups ice cream maker and I just stood & watched it churn happily for 35 minutes thats when I saw that the ice cream was becoming thick & can literally hear the strain on the paddle. I was afraid to leave it unattended as then I would miss seeing the paddle going anti clockwise when ice cream is done. I think it would be good if someone could manufacture one with an alarm. The first time I did a strawberry ice cream years ago that jadi and even after 40 minutes, the paddle didnt go the opposite direction. God bess.

Cynthia said...

oh Thanks Ophelia!! I will surely try this.. :D