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Friday, November 18, 2011

Homemade Sausage

                   Wow it has been so long since I made Sausages almost a year ago.  When I was in Sydney early part of this year, I went to a few butcher outlets with my better half in tow, to try to get some Hog casing in a vacuum pack so that I could put them in my check in luggage but was disappointed :) as a friend told me that she brought some back but forgot where she bought same & even though I learnt this 6 years ago, I only managed to do them 5 times as so hard to source the casing.  I called the factory that I used to buy from but they told me that there were no longer selling fresh hog casing but rather were selling protein casing. So after sourcing for almost a year, I was very excited as I found one factory supplying them to the food delis but they were not interested to sell some to a home maker so after much persuasion; he must have heard the plea in my voice, he said he will sell some to me & my better half had to take me to the factory which was so far away and then I pandered him by making some sausages for his breakfast!!! So after making them, I pouched them & grilled a pair for him.  The only thing unpleasant was the cleaning up as I had to sanitize the utensils and equipment but given a choice, I will do it again as nothing beats making things yourself and the reward is when the family appreciates the gesture.

                  If anyone is interested in the recipe, drop a comment here.

                                  Rolling the sausages to dispel the air bubbles so that it does not burst when pouching the sausages in hot water.

                                        Pouching the sausages in hot water

                             Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.

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