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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lasagna with roasted bell peppers & minced meat

              Made this for dinner tonite, so glad that my second attempt at making Lasagna is much better than my first.  My first my cheese topping got burnt as I put my cheese from the start.  This time I added it 10 minutes before it was done and added some canned peaches for good measure.

              As this was something that I concocted out of thin air, never learnt Lasagna before, I am glad that it turned up good.

                                       Till my next post xoxo, Ophelia.


Nichole said...

Everytime I visit your page my mouth starts to water :) Looks like your an amazing cook!

Ophelia said...

Thank you Nichole, striving to be one :)and putting into practice wheat I have learnt over the past 20 odd years. I started learning Baking first then the spin off, cooking as I knew that if I started practising early & hard, I could start a small baking biz during my retirement & I am so glad that I had the foresight to pursue my passion in baking to the hilt & it gives me so much joy that I have customers who keeps coming back for repeat & new orders!!! Praise the Lord, Allelulia.