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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Brownie Cheese cake with Orange glaze

                 When better half's birthday was half approaching, I was very excited. I made sure that I kept the eve of his birthday & his birthday itself, free from any cake orders, so that I can spend the eve baking a lovely cake in his honour.  It had to be special for that special person in my life and if it involved making an additional step ie baking the brownies & then inserting them as base for my Cheese cake which was infused with Grand Marnier, it didn't matter as I did allocate both days to be free.

              So this was what I baked for him and the next day ie the birthday itself, I made an Orange glaze which was infused with Grand Marnier & poured the hot glaze on top of the cold cake & allowed it to cool & then refrigerated same!!! It was a wee bit sweet; have to do some R&D & tone it down slightly on next attempt.

                                               The sliced Orange shreds were infused in the Orange Glaze together with the Grand Marnier then I removed same & caramalized with some sugar.

                                  And to my soul mate, thank you for all these years of love, laughter, help, I couldn't have asked for a better half, God bless. Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.


Gratitude said...

Add more Grand Marnier, give him extra slices....... and he's all ready for bliss! (hopefully with you included!) wakakakakakakaka

Ophelia said...

Yes I did & after the extra Grand Marnier, he slept soundly!!!