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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

TAU FOO FA [another recipe]

            Not too long ago I posted a Tau Foo Fah recipe using agar agar powder and I see alot of interest on this post.  Now I am posting another Tau Foo Fah recipe made from scratch; ie where you grind the soya beans yourself; which may take a bit more effort on your part. 

           I made this Tau Foo Fa recipe a couple of months back but had no time to post on same so today while waiting for better half to buy a couple of things in order for me to bake my last Fruit cake order, I ran out of flour despite buying so many packets of flour during this period.  I saw I had an unopened packet of flour in my pantry and as the manufacturers did not indicate the expiry date on the packet and I can't remember when I bought same as there were so many dashes to the baking ingredient shop during the 3rd half of Nov - Dec 2011, I dont know whether it was bought during this Nov - Dec period or before that, I darent take the risk to use same and opted for a fresh packet. Some people may say I am "stupid" just sieve the flour & see whether they are wevils, it may save a trip but sorry guys, I am not that kind of ppl.  For me when someone orders a cake from me; be it a simple Orange cake or a complicated Mousse cake, my key ingredients, flour, eggs, etc. had to be fresh; there is, simply, no two ways about it; so that in essense, is me as I believe, the mouth is a powerful instrument; it can either make you or break you and if you sell good cakes, albeit a little on the up scale side in terms of cost due to using good liqueur and premium items like Belgium bitter sweet couvertures, if the recipe calls for same, that is your advertisement; word of mouth.

             Again sorry for the digression as it is sometimes good to "talk shop".  Who knows, there might be someone out in blogworld who might, out of the 100 words I "speak" may find 10 that are useful :) Ophelia

             I will start with the syrup first as it needs to cool down first.

           [Ingredients for Syrup

            250 gm           Castor Sugar
            750 ml            Water
                2                  Pandan Leaves, shredded & tie into a knot
                1 slice           Ginger

                     Bring all ingredients of the Syrup to boil in a heavy based saucepan, stirring then simmer for 5 minutes.  Cool].

                  Ingredients for the Tau Foo Fa

                     250 gm         Soya Beans
                   *1900 ml          Water

                          1 teasp     Calcium Sulphate + 20 gm Tapioca Flour + 100 ml Water

              Method for Tau Foo Fa
  1. Rinse the Soya Beans then soak for 8 hours. Then rinse & drain on a siever. 
  2. Blend the Soya Beans through a grinder with 1 litre of water.  Strain through a muslin bag & squeeze the pulp.
  3. Pour the Soya Bean milk in a heavy based pot.  Add the BALANCE of 900 ml water into the pot & stir to incorporate same.
  4. Bring to boil over medium low heat; stirring all the while with a whisk.  Once it has boiled, Reduce fire to low & simmer for 5 minutes.
  5. Meanwhile stir the Calcium Sulphate mixture till well combined.  Pour this mixture into the  ANOTHER POT that you want to set the Tau Foo Fa.  Immediately after the 5 minutes is up, pour into the pot from a *height of 7".  DO NOT STIR. Cover the lid & let it set; probably in 30 minutes.  [TIMING IN STEP 5 IS IMPORTANT. WHILE IT IS SIMMERING FOR 5 MINUTES, GIVE YOURSELF TIME TO STIR THE CALCIUM SULPHATE MIXTURE; POUR THE CALCIUM SULPHATE MIXTURE INTO THE POT YOU WANT TO SET THE TAU FOO FAR & THEN THE SIMMERED TAU FOO FA LIQUID. 
  6. Skim off the foam on top before serving.

                     a) *Pouring from a height of 7" allows the hot liquid to mix the Calcium Sulphate mixture;
                     b) Calcium Sulphate - some ppl say that this is not good for health. I have made both versions of the Tau Foo Fah in my Blog and all I can say is that there is a slight difference in using Calcium Sulphate also known as Plaster of Paris in the cake supply shop and that it is not often I use it but the choice is yours; using agar agar powder or Calcium Sulphate;
                      c) The Chef that taught me this also ask us to remove the skin of the Soya Bean; supposedly not good for gout but then soya is not good for gout but to give her credence, I remove all the skin; one by one and took it a step further by removing the sprout too!!! Dont after that, someone come & tell me that the sprout is also bad and it was indeed tedious.  Thats why I rationalise that I will use Calcium Sulphate; that is the traditional way as how often do I want to do this.  Taste good, kerja banyak!!!


                                      Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia


Gratitude said...

Nothing like a bowl of hot smooth taufufah especially on a cold day. Funny how we Cantonese tend to grade food by how smooth the texture is?! :s

Great Effort Juanita! ^^

Ophelia said...

Thank you Ant. We are indeed kiasu and grading food by texture is the norm & Tau Foo Fah was introduced to us at a very young age.