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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tong Yin

               For the Chinese the last festival which is generally celebrated on 22nd December is very important, if not, more important than the Chinese New Year.  It is the time when most Chinese would clean their homes & either making the Tong Yin from scrath or buy them.  Days of long ago I remember that when ppl were busy in their working lives, they would buy the ready made dough from the wet market but these days ppl are spoilt for choice.  They can buy the ready made Tong Yin & with filling to boot from the supermarkets!!! For us, my late mother-in-law used to make the plain Red & White Tong Yin from scratch & the sugar syrup she made was lovely, rest in peace mum.

               Ingredients for Sugar Syrup

                   1 litre             Water
               120 gm               Rock Sugar
                    1 slice            Ginger, smashed
                    2                    Pandan leaves

                           Boil all together till rock sugar melted.

                   Ingredients for Filling

                   100 gm               Peanuts, toasted & ground coarsely
                     25 gm               White Sesame seeds, toasted
                     50 gm                Castor Sugar
                     10 gm                Peanut oil, warm for 30 seconds for easy binding
                     59 gm                Peanut Butter, smooth
                    2 1/2 Tablesp     Hot water

                            Combine all the ingredients for the filling.

                   Ingredients for Tong Yin

                   175 gm               Glutinous Rice Flour
                     12 gm               Wheat Starch/Tang Mein flour
                    170 - 175 ml      Hot boiling water

                           Combine flours, add sufficient, hot boiling water & mix to form a soft dough. Divide into 2 halves; colour one half with some red colouring. Divide dough to 10 gm balls.

------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------

              To assemble
  1. Roll a portion of the 10 gm ball, flatten into a round.  Place a teaspon of filling in the centre, seal & roll into a ball.  Repeat with remaining dough & filling.  Dough is sticky so I rub some glutinuous rice flour on my palms.
  2. Bring a pot of water to boil.
  3. Toss them in boiling water until they float.  Drain well.  Serve with either cold or hot syrup.

                                       The balls were not perfect in shape and size but they did taste good.
                I love ginger & adding a slice of ginger to the syrup brings oodles of delight for me.  Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia.


ilene ong said...

I still remember doing this from scratch for the very first time last year! It sure tasted good but most importantly was, I enjoyed making it with my daughter.

Unfortunately, this year no chance of making as I have to work this entire week! :(

Gratitude said...

Another year has passed. Tong yuen to me, always brings hope for a better new year. Making it is always simplified in my home, enough just for Mother Teresa to offer at the altar. ;)
Great job keeping to the tradition Juanita :)


Ophelia said...

Ilene although it must have tasted good, I am sure to all mothers, the quality time spent with our clildren is what matters most. God bless.

Ophelia said...

Ant, like you say, with the Tong Yuen festival,it represents hope for a better new year and yes, it is good to always keep to tradition.