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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Marizpan Carrots

           When my children were celebrating their own Christmas party in their own homes, I decided to make for each of them a Carrot cake with Marizpan Carrots & after I posted the picture of the Carrot cakes I made on FB, one of my friends commented that Bugs Bunny would jump out of the screen to get the carrots & I felt good & it made it all so worthwhile as after completing my Christmas Fruit Cake orders by 21st December 2011, I was left with 3 days to do Carrot cake for them, a Fruit cake for myself & baking my Exotic Roast Chicken for a pot luck party on the 24th & it was quite a hectic month but I am glad that I kept to my baking schedule, last stop for cake orders on 21st December as it bought me some time to bake for my own family.

            Making Carrots from store bought Marizpan was a breeze as even though I learnt how to make Marizpan; it was way too much in quantity for just 16 Carrot. 

            If you like to make the carrots; buy from a cake ingredient shop, measure 100 gm then knead it manually, roll it too between your palms as the heat from your palms will make it more pliable.

              For the Carrots:-

              a) From the 100 gm take out 84 gm;
              b) Colour them Orange [food safe colours]. Knead then roll between your palms
                  as the heat from your palms will make it pliable. Knead until the colour is blended
              c) Scale to 16 portions of 5 gm each.  Roll each 5 gm into ball;
             d) Then roll into the shape of a Carrot. Set aside.


                       For the leaves:-

                      i)    From the balance 16 gm; colour them Green with safe food colours;
                     ii)    Knead then roll between your palms till colour well blended;
                    iii)    Scale to 16 portions of 1 gm each; Roll into a slightly elongated ball.

                               Finale - assembling

                              1)  With a toothpick make a hole at the top of the Carrot;
                              2)  Insert the green ball into the hole;
                              3)  Use a scissors & cut the green tops slightly & ensure
                                    that the leaf is secured properly in the hole.

                          Traaallla your Carrots are ready for decorating.  Have fun, till my next post xoxo, Ophelia.



Evylin said...

Hi. Your carrots are Ver pretty. Go check out my blog. I will try to upload my fondant cake with the ducks.

Ophelia said...

Thank you my friend. I have checked yr blog :) waiting to see yr fondant ducks :) :)