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Monday, January 30, 2012


            Wow it was so many long years ago I learnt this & today I finally, with the help of Hubs, made it for dinner.  I made the pickled Onions a few days ago, bottled it & kept it in the fridge, as I wanted the Onions to infuse in the Vineagar; thus having time to absorb the sharpness of the Vinegar & then being mellowed down by the Sugar & giving the bottle an occasional shake; giving it a nice balance of flavour & I was mighty glad that it had a nice crisp still. This post is esp dedicated to you Sarah & those overseas who may long for same. All recipes in my blog, please use cake measuring spoons & cups.

             Making the Murtabak brought back many lovely memories of my bff, Bud, as we both use to always go for class together every week as we both acknowledge that it made a world of difference going for classes as we can then not only see the demo by the different Chefs & but we were able to taste the cake/food & if we love them, we will bake/cook same But to me, the most important was writing down my observations during class & the tips that the Chef gave & thank goodness I took down good notes, in short hand too when the Chef speak fast And today proved the point that even though I learnt this 9 years ago, it was the first time I made this And as I wasnt sure whether it would "jadi"/turn out, I didnt cook the accompanying curry, Hubs just bought Dry Mutton Curry & Chicken Curry. I also adjusted the recipe according to my taste buds.

               Everything was done manually & after kneading intensively for 10 minutes, the dough was elastic [elastic - when you pinch a bit of the dough & pull it & if it stretches quite thinly, the dough is ready & it has then to rest for 2 hours] & I felt satisfied as when I touched the dough it was smooth & soft.

              As I only had minced pork in the freezer, I used that for my filling & now that I know that I can make it, the next time round, I would use minced mutton or beef. After we ate this for dinner I asked the Hubs how did he rate the Murtabak & he gave me an 8/10 being my first time doing same, I was quite happy with that.

              Ingredients for pickled Onions:- Make this 2 days earlier

              Peel 2 medium size Big Onions. Cut into halves lengthwise. Then slice it thinly & place in a bottle with 3 - 4 Tablesp White Vinegar & 4 teasp Sugar, add a drop of red colour if you wish. It would be good if you can give the bottle an occasional shake :)

              Ingredients for the filling:-

                  2 Tabsp              Oil
              300 gm                   minced Mutton/Beef/Chicken
              250 gm                   Big Onions, cubed
                10 gm                   Ginger, cubed
                  2 Tabsp              ground Cumin
                  1 Tabsp              Chilli Powder OR coarse Chilli Flakes [slightly less than 1 Tabsp]
               1/2 Tabsp              Garam Masala
                1/2 teasp              ground Black Pepper
                   1 level teasp     Salt
                   1 sprig                Curry Leaves
                   1                         Green Chilli
                   2                         Eggs


               Ingredients for dough

               200 gm                         Plain Flour/Tepung Gandung, sieve same
                 1/2 level teasp           Salt
                    2 level teasp           Sugar
                    2 level Tablesp       soften Margarine/Butter
                 *125 - 130 ml              cold UHT Milk


  1. In respect of the filling - Marinate the minced meat with the ground Cumin, Chilli Powder, Garam Masala, ground Black Pepper & Salt for 30 minutes in the fridge. 
  2. Heat the oil in a frying pan then sweat/fry the Onions, Ginger & Curry Leaves [crush the curry leaves before adding into the hot oil; as crushing it would "encourage" more aroma] for a short while [as we dont want to over cook the Onions].
  3. Add in the marinated meat & stir fry it till cooked.  Dish out & let it cool.
  4. In respect of the DOUGH - Sieve the flour then combine the Salt & Sugar with the Flour in a mixing bowl or tabletop.
  5. Mix in the soften Margarine OR Butter lightly with your fingertips till fats well distributed.
  6. If you are doing on your tabletop make a well with the flour [or if you are afraid that the milk will spill out just do Step No.5 onwards in a mixing bowl] gradually pour the cold Milk in the well [LEAVE a little of the Milk behind as the recipe calls for 125 ml UHT Milk, I measured 130 ml UHT Milk just in case the flour is dry & needs a little more milk] & mix manually till it forms a fairly soft, pliable dough 
  7. Dust your tabletop with a wee bit of flour [if too much flour is dusted, your dough wouldnt be soft] Then knead the dough manually for 10 - 12 minutes, using the back of your palms to push the dough, Till the dough is smooth & elastic. [To know whether dough is elastic, after 10 minutes, pinch a small piece & pull it & it should stretch quite easily & be somewhat transparent].
  8. Once it is elastic, weigh into 5 equal balls.  [I weighed 5 balls @ 70 - 71 gm Each] .
  9. Roll into smooth balls; coating each one quite generously with some oil & place in a big bowl & cover with a clean kitchen cloth & let it REST for 2 hours [this resting time is crucial as it makes the dough more elastic & easy to stretch].
  10. Meanwhile measure your filling into 5 equal portions & place in 5 individual small bowls & cover same so as that the filling does not get dry.
  11. To shape the Murtabak - After the dough has rested for 2 hours, drizzle your tabletop or a large plastic with some oil.   Place one ball, [cover the rest so that it does not dry out] on the oiled tabletop & flatten it evenly with your palm into a circle.
  12. Then place the back of both your palms under the dough & carefully stretch the dough, as it may tear quite easily, working your way round the circle till it is quite thinly stretched.
  13. Assembling the Murtabak - Break 2 eggs in a bowl, beat with a fork & put some in each of the 5 bowls; making sure you dont add too much egg as it may ooze out when you put on the dough.
  14. Place the filling in the centre of the dough.  Fold the dough over the filling into a neat square.
  15. Heat a heavy base [5 ply] frying pan with 1 1/2 Tablesp of Oil. Carefully lift the dough into the hot oil, Reduce the heat to medium low as the outside may brown faster than the filling inside has a chance to set, cook for 3 - 4 minutes on each side or till the Murtabak is golden brown on the outside [tilt it too so that the sides can get cooked also] & the inside dough is cooked through.

                                      Pickled Onions

                            I made a well & gradually poured the milk; leaving just a bit behind

                                 Didnt need to use all the 130 ml of the cold milk

                                         Using the back of my palm to knead the dough vigorously

                              After dough was elastic, divided dough into 5 balls @ 70 gm each

                                  Coating each ball quite generously with oil & then putting them in a covered
                 tupperware to rest for 2 hours


               Using the back of my palms to stretch the dough gently.  As you can see I manage to stretch
      it quite thinly and after putting my fingers behind the stretched dough, you can see that it is quite

                                Hubs is folding it neatly into a square

                              Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 


ilene ong said...

Huyoh...too much work! I think easier I go buy and eat! hehehe ....

Ophelia said...

Yes indeed!!! But you see, I have no work now since quitting!!!