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Monday, January 9, 2012

My game plan for 2012

                What's my game plan for 2012? First, my desire is to focus on the Word of the Lord by daily reading of the Bible & trying to practise what the Bible teaches us.  My next target is to reach my ultimate goal by setting the Bar higher for myself in the "baking department" & to come out of my comfort zone & to do things that I have Always been afraid to do Because of the fear of failure.  Now I motivate myself to just do it; failure is the fore runner of success for without failure you will not attain the sweet smell of success.

                  I have devised a plan for myself to keep the 52 Mondays of 2012 free to practically do this, unless of course I have a cake order which will then take precedence, & to start the ball rolling for the first Monday of 2012 I baked a cake which was slightly much harder as too much technicalities involved, an oil free Orange cake; ground almonds & being substituted in place of Butter; which gave some of the oil factor & not to mention the taste & the aroma.  I was very glad that the level of the cake came out straights but most important, the cake "had no waistlines" ie the sides of the cake were straight too!!! Simply purfect!!! Then I set about moulding some Marzpan Oranges with store bought Marzpan.  Although I learnt how to mould Marzpan Carrots & Bumble Bees seven years ago, I always hesitated to do mould them as I didnt find the niche to market a dressed up cake.

                     After completing both, I gave this cake to my child, who was organising an Office Luncheon on the 2nd January 2012 for the halal group & my Fruit Cake for the others & I was very happy to hear that they loved both.

                       So today being the 2nd Monday, I am trying my hand at making Puff Pastry from scratch & let's hope that it will be a "small" success for me as I have never made Puff Pastry before & I will keep my fingers crossed as there is a thin line between Success & Failure & as one of my FB friend told me ever so nicely that 2012 should be the year for me to fly & fly I will God willing.

                                                 And this was what I did just now :)

                          Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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