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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Puff Pastry again

                 Wow when I first attempted to make puff pastry & blogged about it a week ago, I did mention that it would not be long before I made puff pastry again but I didnt expect to bake it within 10 days!!! 

                 My five senses; hearing, taste, sight, smell & touch experienced euphoria when I was able to bake the puff pastry from scratch & fresh from the sweet scent of success, I could not wait a day longer to do it again.

                I decided to make one & a half times of the recipe with a meat filling. I made the pastry yesterday & divided into 2 batches, used one batch & kept the other in the fridge.  The first batch which I made yesterday, I rolled it into a long sandwich & inserted the meat in the middle & after I baked it, I sliced it as I forgot to slice it :( before baking & my heart dropped when a few, precious layers peeled off, I realised then that the roll was slightly too thick :) & as it was not sliced prior to baking, I think the puff didnt have the sides to flake out, hubs said it was ok but I was disappointed as I found that it was not flaky enough; unlike my first attempt, which I didnt roll into a long sandwich & my 1st attempt was simply perfect & crunchy!!!

                 From my puff pastry library:-


                                                 My very first attempt; sweet taste of success

                                 Not happy with my 2nd attempt; I rolled it into a long sandwich & didnt slice it before baking, as I forgot to slice it :( that is why I think it didnt flake out much & clustered together.

                                 So today, I decided to use a round cutter & gently cut straight through; tried not to move sideways, just straight through as didnt want to spoil any flakes!!! Then I added the filling & then fold it into half. Dont press on the edge of the curry puff as you dont want to "disturb" the flakes :)  Find the empty gap between the filling & the edge then pressed hard on the empty gap to prevent it from opening out too much while baking. If you see the the other unbaked curry puff in this picture, you can clearly see that I pressed the empty gap.  Then use a skewer to make some holes

               Tralllllaaa this is the result of today's effort.  It remains the most awesome thing I have ever done in terms of pastry!!! Haha I am in 7th heaven!!! Thank you Lord for I always believe that (1) one should never take things for granted (2) to always remember to, not only seek YOU in times of despair but also to thank YOU for all good things that appear on the radar.  Praise the Lord, Allelulia.  And, when I posted this 2nd attempt on puff pastry on my FaceBook, it was so awesome when one of my friends wanted to order this flaky curry puff from me; so it was kinda nice to think that me, a novice in puff pastry, may find a niche for this!!! My only regret was that inspite of learning 7 years ago from three different Chefs, I never took the interest to do it as I was too afraid of failure as not experienced enough in practising the method. Now that I have done this altogether 3 times in the space of 10 days, I find that it was not hard only tedious & that I needed to change my mind set on this kind of pastry.

               I am so glad that very early in the year I have started my NY resolution to pay more attention to all things pastry & my next pilot project would be Croissant & Danish; haha I have already asked the hubs to buy Croissant Pastry Margarine which is in my fridge & which is just waiting for me to make a bee line to do same!!!

                       Till my next post, xoxoxoxoxo, Ophelia.

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