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Friday, January 6, 2012

Twelve Night cake

           As there were quite a bit of Raisins, dried Apricots, etc left over after completing my Fruit cake orders and there was only one slice remaining of my Fruit cake, I decided to make the Twelve Night cake yesterday to appease my tummy & hub's.  

            Strangely enuf, the hubs ate quite a bit of my fruit cake. For years he used to tell me that he didnt like fruit cake so when I cut a slice to eat during the Christmas hols, out of courtesy I asked whether he wanted a piece & when he said he wanted, I hid a smile & gingerly gave him his share so I was pleasantly surprised when he asked for a piece for tea the next day. He must be probably thinking, after seeing the amount of my fruit cake orders, to give it a try.  If you were to ask me what is the difference between my fruit cake & the twelve night cake, I will summarize it in one sentence.  Fruit cake is slightly more dense/heavy whereas the twelve night cake is more moist, as it has sour cream in it & lighter than the fruit cake. 

           Ok back to the issue at hand.  The Twelve Night heralds the Feast of Epiphany & concludes the 12 nights of Christmas & is a time for merry making.

           So after making a few changes to what we were taught, I baked it & served it to the hubs for tea today.

                            Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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