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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

GARDEN Pea/Kacang Hijau cookie

                  As Loke Tau cookie is my hot favourite, this Garden Pea cookie which uses, amongst other things, ground Garden Pea is my also my fav and it is slightly more easier to make the Garden Pea cookie as after mixing everything in the cake mixture, it just involves rolling & flattening it with your fingers whereas making Loke Tau cookie is more difficult as you have to press the cookie mix into a mould & then knocking them out of same but both these two versions literally melts in your mouth in just 3 seconds!!!

                   My girl friends are visiting me this week for tea & I baked this Garden Pea cookie for them!!! Then would be making my Lemon Grass Tea, & serving the tea cold, & a cake.  Still have not decided what cake to bake, there are so many that I love!!!  Perhaps this would give me an opportunity to do a cake that I have not posted on FB/Blog ...

Garden Pea cookie

                                                    A clearer picture of the Garden Pea cookie

                                                      Lemon Grass Tea

                                           I am not making this Lok Tau cookie as it involves too much work & knocking & hellavu noisy with all the knocking even though knocking the mould on a tea cloth!!!  Just wanted to let you look at this Lok Tau cookie. I only make a small batch when I long to eat it!!! 

                           Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thank you

           For those of you who visited me yesterday, thank you. It was awesome having 62 clicks in a day.  The last time I had such a huge flow of traffic was when I posted on "A simple but yummy Malaysian Salad" & I had 50 odd clicks in a day on that post alone. God bless. Ophelia 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ayam Berumpah - recipe

               This is something very simple & tasty.  I based the ingredients on what my Peranakan MIL used to do; only difference I do not fry the chicken with the rempah.  I merely boil the chicken with water for 15 - 20 minutes then I pour the rempah & let it simmer till chicken is cooked & rempah thicken & for those who try to lessen the amount of oil in your cooking, like yours truly, you should try this.  It is almost like having your "cake" & eating it!!!"


                180 gm              Fresh Red Chillies approximately 8 fat Red Chillies
                    4                   Chilli Padi
                150 gm              Shallots
                    6 pips             Garlic
                    3                     "fat" Serai
                    3 pieces           Lengkuas
                    2"                    fresh Kunyit
                    5                     Buah Keras
                    3                     Daun Limau Perut


                   1.3 kg               whole Chicken legs, chopped
                                            sufficient water

                   Seasoning -      Adequate Salt & a small dash of Ajinomoto [opt]


  1. *Pound/Blend "A" not too fine.
  2. Put chopped chicken in frying pan. Pour water [slightly below height of chicken] & braise for 15 - 20 minutes on medium low fire.
  3. Add in the rempah, the Salt & a small dash of Ajinomoto & continue to braise on medium low fire for about 10 - 15 minutes; stirring occasionally till chicken is cooked & rempah thicken & moist

              (a) Pounding the ingredients is better than blending; somehow it taste much better & DON'T pound it until it is so fine like baby food!!!  My hubs always say it is much nicer to pound rather than blend; it sort of have an edge to it & if I am pressed for time; he is ever willing to pound same!!!

                (b) I dont usually add Ajinomoto but adding a wee bit here is, I feel, necessary.  Try it & compare whether it makes any difference but remember it is just a very small dash yah!!! Do leave a comment here if you tried this recipe as this one is for keeps.

                    Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ayam Berumpah

            Made this for dinner last night. Do leave a comment here if you want this recipe. My mother-in-law, a Peranakan, used to make this. She used to fry the chicken & the rempah & it was awesome.  I took it a notch further as being health conscious, I boiled the chicken with water [water below the level of the chicken] first for about 20 minutes & then added the rempah & let it simmer till the chicken cooked, water reduced & rempah thick. Cooking it my style, as opposed to my MIL's, has a slight edge to it as the rempah does not dry up but you also can, AFTER the rempah & chicken is cooked, heat up about 2 tablespoon of oil in a kwali & then throw it in & fry for 2 - 3 minutes then you can have the best of 2 worlds; braised & fried in a little oil :)

                        Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

Friday, February 3, 2012

My 20 odd years affair with my Chocolate cake!!!

               To me,, this particular Chocolate cake is, almost, like "my own baby".   I learnt this version more than 20 odd years ago.  Initially I practised on it so much in order to be able to get it right & then after a couple of years of regular baking it, family's & Church members' favourite, I started taking orders, not only for this cake but for my Tiramisu, various kinds of Cheese cakes & a few of my mousse cakes.  Then I wanted to hone my baking skills. When I learnt this Chocolate cake, the size was a 10" & I had queries from my regular customers who wanted to order a smaller cake; an 8", so I started practising & trying to perfect an 8".  Generally, it is sometimes difficult or messy to make a cake smaller or larger esp when it involves things like eggs, esp if the recipe calls for egg yolks & whole eggs, like in this case but I didnt let it deter me.  Then trying to enlarge it to a 14" cake as I wanted to make a 3 tiered Chocolate cake for my daughter's wedding; a 14", 10" & 8", wow that required more skill as I didnt want to over "work" my cake machine & as it was large, 14", I had to make sure that I didnt over beat the cake mixture & that the texture of the 14" had to be soft, that I had to look out for the oven temp, shouldnt be too hot as over the years I realised that making a chocolate cake the heat should be 160 degrees Celcius i.e. but bear in mind everyone's oven heat is individual & that one should know your own oven well, if oven heat too hot, you can bet that the chocolate cake will have a slight dome!!!

                 Well I am very glad that because of my girl's wedding, I make an effort to enlarge this cake to 14".  It was a task worth doing as now I can chalk it down to experience & exposure & since then I have made it 4 times & yesterday was my 4th attempt.  It was for dessert for an office dinner.  I normally dont do cake deliveries but when a new customer, recommended by another friend,  requested for same & told me that she would pay for my delivery charges, I relented & it was almost like going for a blind date, asking each other what dress you are wearing & what car are you driving!!! 

                                  This is the original 10" square size that I learnt 20 odd yrs ago & still remains one of the most sought cakes that my customers love to order

                                        I "crafted" to this 8" round shape

                                          Then this!!! I bought this awesome mould & this is the sexy, curvy 8" & used this to display in my cake portfolio!!!

                               I asked my girl a year b4 she got married whether she needed me to bake her wedding cake, as if so, I needed to polish my act & would have 1 year to practise butter icing, fondant, etc, etc as I learnt but had "0" experience, & when she told me no need as the hotel would be providing same, I sighed a quiet relief :) as I have never attempted a wedding cake!!! Then 2 months b4 the wedding, she asked me what cake I was making for the wedding!!! So I told myself that I would sway from making a traditional white wedding cake & forge my own traditional, be on my own turf so to speak & make a 3 tiered Chocolate cake, a cake that has been so long a part of me, & buy some sugar paste flowers for decor.  This is my trial run where, for the first time, I enlarged it to 14".  Then I inserted a ring so that I can get 2 smaller cakes & brought a smaller one for a baby shower.

                                          This was the cake, I inserted the ring in, & brought it to the baby shower.

                                  Finally the Chocolate Wedding cake I baked.

                      Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia