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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

GARDEN Pea/Kacang Hijau cookie

                  As Loke Tau cookie is my hot favourite, this Garden Pea cookie which uses, amongst other things, ground Garden Pea is my also my fav and it is slightly more easier to make the Garden Pea cookie as after mixing everything in the cake mixture, it just involves rolling & flattening it with your fingers whereas making Loke Tau cookie is more difficult as you have to press the cookie mix into a mould & then knocking them out of same but both these two versions literally melts in your mouth in just 3 seconds!!!

                   My girl friends are visiting me this week for tea & I baked this Garden Pea cookie for them!!! Then would be making my Lemon Grass Tea, & serving the tea cold, & a cake.  Still have not decided what cake to bake, there are so many that I love!!!  Perhaps this would give me an opportunity to do a cake that I have not posted on FB/Blog ...

Garden Pea cookie

                                                    A clearer picture of the Garden Pea cookie

                                                      Lemon Grass Tea

                                           I am not making this Lok Tau cookie as it involves too much work & knocking & hellavu noisy with all the knocking even though knocking the mould on a tea cloth!!!  Just wanted to let you look at this Lok Tau cookie. I only make a small batch when I long to eat it!!! 

                           Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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