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Friday, February 3, 2012

My 20 odd years affair with my Chocolate cake!!!

               To me,, this particular Chocolate cake is, almost, like "my own baby".   I learnt this version more than 20 odd years ago.  Initially I practised on it so much in order to be able to get it right & then after a couple of years of regular baking it, family's & Church members' favourite, I started taking orders, not only for this cake but for my Tiramisu, various kinds of Cheese cakes & a few of my mousse cakes.  Then I wanted to hone my baking skills. When I learnt this Chocolate cake, the size was a 10" & I had queries from my regular customers who wanted to order a smaller cake; an 8", so I started practising & trying to perfect an 8".  Generally, it is sometimes difficult or messy to make a cake smaller or larger esp when it involves things like eggs, esp if the recipe calls for egg yolks & whole eggs, like in this case but I didnt let it deter me.  Then trying to enlarge it to a 14" cake as I wanted to make a 3 tiered Chocolate cake for my daughter's wedding; a 14", 10" & 8", wow that required more skill as I didnt want to over "work" my cake machine & as it was large, 14", I had to make sure that I didnt over beat the cake mixture & that the texture of the 14" had to be soft, that I had to look out for the oven temp, shouldnt be too hot as over the years I realised that making a chocolate cake the heat should be 160 degrees Celcius i.e. but bear in mind everyone's oven heat is individual & that one should know your own oven well, if oven heat too hot, you can bet that the chocolate cake will have a slight dome!!!

                 Well I am very glad that because of my girl's wedding, I make an effort to enlarge this cake to 14".  It was a task worth doing as now I can chalk it down to experience & exposure & since then I have made it 4 times & yesterday was my 4th attempt.  It was for dessert for an office dinner.  I normally dont do cake deliveries but when a new customer, recommended by another friend,  requested for same & told me that she would pay for my delivery charges, I relented & it was almost like going for a blind date, asking each other what dress you are wearing & what car are you driving!!! 

                                  This is the original 10" square size that I learnt 20 odd yrs ago & still remains one of the most sought cakes that my customers love to order

                                        I "crafted" to this 8" round shape

                                          Then this!!! I bought this awesome mould & this is the sexy, curvy 8" & used this to display in my cake portfolio!!!

                               I asked my girl a year b4 she got married whether she needed me to bake her wedding cake, as if so, I needed to polish my act & would have 1 year to practise butter icing, fondant, etc, etc as I learnt but had "0" experience, & when she told me no need as the hotel would be providing same, I sighed a quiet relief :) as I have never attempted a wedding cake!!! Then 2 months b4 the wedding, she asked me what cake I was making for the wedding!!! So I told myself that I would sway from making a traditional white wedding cake & forge my own traditional, be on my own turf so to speak & make a 3 tiered Chocolate cake, a cake that has been so long a part of me, & buy some sugar paste flowers for decor.  This is my trial run where, for the first time, I enlarged it to 14".  Then I inserted a ring so that I can get 2 smaller cakes & brought a smaller one for a baby shower.

                                          This was the cake, I inserted the ring in, & brought it to the baby shower.

                                  Finally the Chocolate Wedding cake I baked.

                      Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 


Nichole said...

That looks amazing! My mouth is watering :)

Ophelia said...

Thank you Nicole!!! Hope things are ok. Love you. God bless.