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Monday, April 30, 2012


             Sorry did not know what caption to put for this post except for the above.  I started going for baking & cooking classes with this particular Chef in 2001; wow 10 years have flown bye so quickly & I am so grateful that I was fortunate to learn about her through word of mouth.  She is awesome in both departments & the thing that strikes me most is that, not only we learn how to bake & cook but the tips that we learn just by watching her. After going for more than 20 years + of classes, I have come to the conclusion that it is not only the recipes that matter; the most important is to watch intently the Chef at work & to take written notes of the tips that flows from the Chef; these are things that come naturally from them & then when I come back; I religiously first photostat the recipe, & when it is fresh in my mind, retype which recipes that I find inspiring & store the recipes together with the tips in my computer for a back up in case I loose the recipe [and having a back up recipe is my husband's tip to me when I first started learning 20 years ago] I not only photostating the original recipe with my written notes but I like to file the original recipes in a different file & keep the photostated recipes in my working file. Another thing I like doing is to keep different files for different Chefs that I learn from so that it is easier for me to locate them easily & I guess that I pick up all these good habits from my working days.

              Sorry I have digressed from the subject matter.  As I was saying that before I started learning from this particular Chef I always like to toast the Belacan when I want to cook something.  I use to see that she likes to toast the whole packet & then keeping them in the fridge.

                                           Haha pressing hard on the laddle to mash the belacan.  I love the gorgeous brown colour.

                                       Cling wrap the container then screw the cap on & refrigerate same.

                                                Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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