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Monday, April 30, 2012

A butterless Orange & Almond cake

                 A health conscious customer ordered this cake for her daughter's birthday. I bought some Marzipan & made the Orange Marzipan the nite before & baked the cake the next day. Making this cake is not easy as whenever you beat the egg yolks from the egg whites & beat them separately, you have to be extremely careful that the bowl & whisk you use to beat the egg whites should be clean & grease free that there shouldn't be even a trace of egg yolk in the egg whites otherwise you cant whisk your egg whites to a meringue stage. But most important, you should beat the egg whites to soft peak, IF you over beat the egg whites, it will split.  To know when the egg whites is soft peak; remove the whisk & turn it up; the TIP of the egg white should be curled.  IF the tip of the egg white is straight then it is possible that you have over whipped.  We were told that there were two options; the obvious is to throw your egg white mixture; wash the mixing bowl & dry it with a clean & Dry kitchen towel & the next option is to add half a tablespoon of Lemon juice & beat the egg white for a short while & remove the whisk & see whether the tip is curled in.  For me, I would advice going for the first option ie throw away & start beating the egg white again as I have never tried doing the second option.

                 You would also be wondering, as this cake has No butter, whether the cake would be soft & light.  Well this cake is perfectly soft & light.  We were taught, amongst other things, to use ground Almonds & I think that made the difference. 

                                                 Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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