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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Apple Crumble

                 Wow I laid back baking for almost 3 weeks & decided to bake this Apple Crumble as the Hubs bought way too many apples & I preferred making my own apple filling as I love eating an Apple Pie which is not soggy at the bottom & at one of my Apple Pie/Crumble class [I learnt 3 diff versions from 3 diff Chefs], the Chef gave us a rough idea on how to make our own filling with 2 Green & 2 Red Apples & cooking it with a Tablesp of Brown Sugar & a teasp of ground Cinnamon but I wanted to experiment & try, if possible, to jazz it more to suit my palate. I soaked some Raisins in hot water for 2 minutes then strained it; plumping the Raisins this way was so awesome as when you bite into them; they are moist & of course, Raisins goes well with Apples!!! Wanted to also to try to flambe the cooked filling too!!!

                 So taking his idea & incorporating some of my own ideas, I decided instead of following his method of cooking same, to heat a Tablesp of Butter, & as I had a Lemon tree at the back [the leaves were so fragrant & I wanted to see whether there would be any transference of the Lemony smell!!!], I plucked a leaf & crushed it up before throwing it in the butter & then added the brown sugar, the diced apples, the Raisins & a teaspoon of this awesome Ginger bread spice [which I bought from a cake ingredient shop which supplied cake ingredients to some 5 Star Hotels in town & as it was imported, they would only bring in this special spice in October] then my impish self decided to try to raise the bar so when the apples were soft, I got the Hubs ready with my torch & simultaneously threw in a Tablesp of Brandy & the Hubs flambeed it with my blow torch!!! It was fun & quite scaring too, haha playing with fire thus I got the Hubs to deal with the fire from the blow torch as I didn't want to scotch my hair!!!

              Made the Apple filling yesterday & today I went on ahead to bake the Apple Crumble which I learnt & this is what I made.

                                        Flambeing the cooked filling

                           I was very happy, not only with the apple filling, but with the Apple Pie as the texture of the pastry, sorts of, crumbles in your mouth!!! Eat it when it was still warm & you get a soft crunch on top of it!!!

                           Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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