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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Orange & ground Almond cake with cream cheese frosting [butterless cake]

                     An ex-client & very close friend wanted me to bake this cake, which he saw in my cake portfolio, for his wife's birthday.  He in fact commissioned me to, if possible bake a bigger cake, which was originally 10", for his family & friends.  

                     To be frank, I was a little apprehensive!!! To do R&D & enlarge any cake involved alot of detailed calculations & a few rounds of experimenting but to enlarge an oil free/butterless cake, well I think that, that literally takes the cake.  It was hard enuf to bake an oil free cake & to enlarge it, leaves me quaking a little bit.  But I didn't want to disappoint him & he told me that if I couldn't do it, then to just bake the original size of 10".  Okay so I had Plan B up my sleeves & I wasn't one to shy away from a challenge cos if I was successful, I would have raised my own bar a notch & have another cake in my portfolio.

                    It was a good thing that he booked me 3 weeks in advance that gave me plenty of time to fiddle around.  First experiment I did, I wasn't totally satisfied, I felt that it was a "little bit rough round the edges" so to speak. Tried it again a few days later & this time, I felt good as it turned out perfect; the texture of the cake was as good as the original size.  The cake had no butter but had 450 gm of ground almonds, which I fried lightly, without oil of course, so that the aroma of the fried ground almonds was simply perfect.

                    My friend also invited both the Hubs & me to celebrate the birthday celebration. I was very happy when everyone at the club, thanked me profusely for the cake. They liked the fact that I adjusted the sugar content to a perfect level & the Cream Cheese frosting brought the cake to another  level. He knew the price of my original 10" cake and at the end of the party, he just pressed a big stack of money in my hand & when I came back, I saw that he gave me $300.00 which also covered the costs of ingredients of my two R&D. 

                             Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia                               

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