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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Short Crust Pastry with a Pumpkin filling

                   For the past 5 years, I noticed that I love mixing & matching my baking escapades!!!  I pick up something lovely that I learnt from one Chef & another from another Chef & most times they do jell well together although the portions will not be apportionate; most times one may be more than the other!!! Well that is something that can't be helped. 

                    Yesterday was the result of one of my mix & match & very happy that the Pumpkin pie turned up lovely & smooth & as stated above, there weren't enuf pastry. When I posted these pictures on my FB, one of my friends commented that if a recipe calls for Pumpkin filling, she will just take it from a can.  Well, I can understand her as being a young & working mother, sometimes you need to try to make yr work lighter due to time constraint but for me as I retired almost a decade ago, I have all the time to do it from scratch but mainly because I always believe that making it from scratch gives you an edge & doing from scratch also allows you to make a few changes to the recipe that I have learnt ie making it less sweet, etc.  Recipe will be followed shortly :)

                                             Short crust pastry with a very smooth pumpkin filling!!! 

                                         Steaming the pumpkin & then making my own filling

                                     Final touch is to strain the pumpkin filling to get a smooth finish!!!

                                          Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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