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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Individual Apple Pie crumbles

                    When I was preparing to do the Apple Pie with crumble, I was debating whether I should do a large one in my flan tin or individual ones & since I have not used the flan tin which a good friend bought for me when she was in Europe, I decide to use same; hence my earlier post was the Apple Pie in the flan tin.  

                     I was very fortunate as there was balance of the pastry, kept it in the fridge & the next day, after thawing same I made individual apple pies & decided to also use my Leaf veiner to add a bit more decor.  Very happy as the texture of this short crust pastry is as its name implies, short!!! It melted in the mouth with a slight crunch & did tend to break easily.  


                                  As I didn't have enuf apple pie filling [which I made myself] I decided
                          to fill it with Red Bean paste, which I made much earlier.

For this pastry, no need to grease the tin, when it has cooled slightly; just give the tin
a gentle squeeze & it comes down easily!!! Pastry is lovely.

                                           Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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