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Friday, June 8, 2012

Durian Cheese cake

             Wow can you image how a Durian Cheese cake would taste like? Image the king of fruits being "married" to a Cheese!!!

             I asked the Hubs to buy some Durians from his favourite Durian vendor as I wanted to bake the Durian Cheese cake.  Told him to estimate how much to buy & that I needed about 800 gm of Durian meat, he came back home with 4 1/2 kg net weight!!!  Haha, as he wanted to eat some & couldn't estimate how much to buy!!! 

             I baked the Durian Cheese cake & the next day ie today I made a Durian Topping for the cake. In the cake itself, it had 300 gm + of Durian puree & 100 gm of Durian puree for the topping. Cut a sliced for the Hubs & he told me that it was lovely!!! 

             I just had a slice of the cake & to make it even more evil, haha, I scooped a tablespoon of the balance Durian puree & piped a rosette & it was heaven on earth.  

             Real glad too that after posting these photos in FB, a friend ordered my Durian Cheese cake :) & both her children & her mum loved it. Haha, she also said that it finished in one day!!!  She asked me to use my cake separator & divide the cake; half for her family & half for her mum, which I did. 

                                             Baked Durian Cheese cake

                                        Made a Durian topping to heighten the intensity of the Durian flavour.

                                       This picture was the first Durian Cheese cake that I made for my own family & piped a Rosette on the top with the balance of the Durian puree & served this to the Hubs!!!

                                      Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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