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Friday, June 29, 2012

A wedding request

             I was on a Chocolate cake marathon - had to bake 4 Chocolate cakes on 4 consecutive days & then I received a request from a dear friend to make her wedding cake!!! Initially it took my breath away just a little as, besides baking a 3 tiered Chocolate wedding cake last year, I had no experience in decorating; much less baking a wedding cake!!! Then it slowly kicked in.  She told me that I would have ample time for practising as the wedding would be a year plus away; so the old heart kinda of settled down to its normal breathing pattern!!! 

           I sat up straight as even though I have learnt some cake decorating 2 years ago; I never really got down to really put it in practice as I have always been a late bird; always trying to find the spare time to "get down & dirty" from my everyday routine & my cake orders. So perhaps, this was my wake up call??? If you were to ask me, I would tell you that I have bought quite a lot of the tools for same; just needed to be jostled & always had the penchant to jump with my head first as the legs would then follow suit!!!

         So when I had to bake 4 Chocolate cakes this week; two were cake orders & two for the family; I figuratively rolled up my sleeves & forayed into unchartered waters; just to get the feels of things.  My maiden attempt at Fondant daisies 2 nites ago resulted in some decorated Chocolate cakes & the feeling was good but I have got to polish up by practising more :) Some time later this week, I would delve into trying to make Calla Lilies; need to go buy some wires first :) & then check for my assorted tools!!! I love Calla Lilies & although I have not had the pleasure of learning them; I have been goggling on Youtube for more than 2 years & inspite of buying the tools then; never got down to it; hybernating again; story of my life!!!

                                  We were taught to put the little daisies in a foil former but am a little disappointed as it folded a little too much!!! 

                             This was my first wedding cake.

                            Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia

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