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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Giving the Tiger Lily a make over

             Day 82 - Fondant & Gum Paste flowers.  It all started with a simple request that I make a wedding cake for Thanes' wedding.  Told her that even though I have learnt to make Fondant & Gum Paste from scratch & simple flowers 2 years ago, I didn't make an effort to really "get down & dirty" as didn't find the market for cakes with gum paste flowers.  I just went for the class in order to learn same; knowing instinctively that when the time was ripe, I would find it helpful.  Subsequent to the request, I made a Chocolate cake for a birthday in the family & place a large, white Fondant Daisy on top of the Chocolate cake & since then I had 4 orders for a decorated cake & started searching tutorials on Youtube on same & ever since then I have been hooked & in doing same; I found myself and, at the same time, tranquility & whenever I have a little spare time, you would know where to find me!!!

               Being a newbie making 1 large Tiger Lily took 2 days & that is not counting the extra time involved in wrapping the 6 petals into a flower, dusting them with petal dust then dusting with luster dust for that slight shinning look & then finally, steaming the Tiger Lily so that the colors stays intact & the dust would not fall onto the cake. Alot of work but it was a pleasurable past time.

                      Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

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