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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saying it with White Orchids

              I posted earlier that I made some Orchid throats & I used them to make 5 more Orchids.  I decided not to color them & to make them pure white & they were so lovely, if I may say so myself.  I love the purity of the white & I simply adore making Orchids.  Before I was into making gum paste flowers, whenever I came across flowers, I just gave it a perfunctory look.  Sorry to say that I took God's lovely creation for granted & now that I am so much into making the gum paste flowers, each time I came across flowers, I look at them with deep interest.

                              Propping some tissue underneath the petals, to give them a fuller appearance.

                   Then I took one of them & gave it a purple make over.

                        Took a second one & gave it a red tint.  My intention, when I was doing the purple & red tint, was to just touch the edges, did it with a brush but my hand was not too steady.

                   I was trouble shooting, how I could just get the edges tinted in a slightly more professional way ...

                           ... this time I used a cotton bud & it was easier to control same & I was pleased with this as the slight tint at the edge gave it more impact [less is more!!!] it is almost like, it was done with the sweet, gentle caress of a lover!!!  Of course, I would practise more with the cotton bud. 

                           Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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