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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bicycle on a Birthday cake for two with Peanut Butter cream

              Last the past 2 weeks I was scratching my head as to what cake I should bake for my a family member.  In all my 26 years of cake baking, I have tried to make, almost, all the cakes that I learnt, not quite there yet as there are so many to choose from the large collection of cakes that I had learnt over a span of 26 years & I was only proficient in turning out the cakes after 10 years of practice & there are also times when the next birthday comes along, there may be request for a repeat cake that I had made earlier for the previous birthday/s.

             I knew that if I were to bake a cake; carrot, cupcakes or a Red Velvet cake, with a Cream Cheese frosting that the group that were going to meet at that birthday, would love it esp the Cream Cheese frosting but that would just be a safe choice!!! I wanted a change & an opportunity to go outside the box, so to speak, & pull out a recipe, haha out of a hat so to speak, that I have learnt but have not tried so I knew where I was heading this time round.

            I decided that I would make cupcakes, which was no big deal, & cover it with a Peanut Butter cream/frosting & now that's a big deal as I have NOT made it before!!! I learnt this so many, many years ago & have never made it as cupcakes Then was not a rage & when you have made the peanut butter cream/frosting [you would have to, first, make the egg custard & put it in the fridge after the custard is cool.  Ideally the custard should be smooth & cold when you are making the peanut butter cream/frosting] your cupcakes should be made the day before, then cool it & put the cupcakes in a tupperware & in the overnite & removed from the fridge [ideally your cupcake should be cold] when you are ready to put the peanut butter cream/frosting & you need to work a little quicker as when the peanut butter cream is room temperature, it is a little too soft & slightly harder to cover a large batch of cupcakes. Haha thinking on my feet, the next time I do this frosting again, I will take out half & put it in the fridge to cool so that when I need more of this frosting, I will just take the cold one from the fridge, give it a stir & use same!!!  

            So I took out the recipe, haha it was still crisp, no dog ear yet, and as I expected the recipe would be just 2 short lines as the Chef, I learnt from, was not big into lengthy recipes.  Probably his thinking was that we learnt better when we write our own notes, etc, etc. and I then to agree, I learnt better that way too. Thank goodness I have this penchant of watching intently & writing my own notes as he went along & another sad thing was that he was not Big either on demonstrating how to do a good egg custard.  He was experienced and would know what to do & I felt sorry for those young inexperienced home bakers who came for the class.  I was lucky as I have had the good fortune of learning how to make a good custard, you know like making a smooth velvety custard for Tiramisu or a Mousse, from other Chefs so making a good custard was no sweat off my brows, I could easily adapt what I learnt from other Chefs into making a custard for this Peanut Butter cream/frosting. And so like the big sister I was, which I was always "accused" of by my other baking friends, during the lunch break, I approached apprehensively the new, young & eager beavers & asked them if they were alright & understood the method for the Peanut Butter cream/frosting.  I was apprehensive as I did not know them from Adam & didn't know whether they would mind my take on what they had just learnt seeing that the Peanut Butter cream/frosting was only a 2 line recipe but what I did not expect was that my innocent concern opened a deluge of questions as I certainly did NOT want that Chef [who is my good friend] to think that I knew better than him, of course NOT, I wasn't smarter than him but I had decades of learning, practice & a deep passion for baking & a deep motherly concern for inexperienced and young home bakers being a mother myself to children of the same age group as them.  Luckily this bombard of questions from the young and inexperienced bakers were at a food stall and not in the presence of the Chef, as we were having lunch there as this peanut butter frosting was part of a class of many cakes we were to learn that day.  We all paid mega bucks to learn for the class that day, a couple of hundreds & I felt sorry for them :)  Sorry for digressing, just my thoughts.

             Ok back to the subject at hand.  I made the cupcakes & the Peanut Butter cream/frosting & I was real glad as it found favour with the Hubs & my girl.  Like what my girl wrote on my FB after the birthday when I posted the picture of the cake, the sponge cake was lite with just the right touch of salty & sweet & then I got a text last nite at 11. 30 pm from my girl, "mmmmmmmmmmmm peanut butter cake mmmmmmmmmmmm" it certainly made my day & as the birthday boy was into cycling, I made a bicycle with gum paste & as the bicycle was not able to fit into my cupcake, I made a mini cake for the birthday cake & the rest into cupcake size & needless to say, I adorn the rest of the cupcakes with gum paste flowers & shoes that I made earlier!!! 

                            Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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