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Monday, October 1, 2012

Chocolate cupcakes adorn with the flowers I made

           Aimee, a very good friend of mine called me & asked me whether I would contribute some recipes to a cookbook that her Church, a different denomination from mine, was organising to publish & sell & the proceeds in aid of a school for special children.  I was only too pleased to do my little bit in aid of same.  She told me that the persons who were in charge of this project would contact me.

           I cranked my head to decide what recipes I would like to share.  I had so many I wanted to give until finally I decided that one, would be an Orange cake that my aunt gave to me 15 years ago & which I had be doing so many R&D that today it remains one of my signature cakes that I sell, & the other was my Nyonya Prawn Lemak with Pineapples, which I learnt from my esteemed MIL, a fantastic Nyonya cook & over the years, I also added my own take to the Prawn Lemak.  Both these recipes are in my Blog.

          So Nelly called me with regard to the recipes I wanted to contribute; I emailed them to her & then she said that she wanted to come over on a mutually convenient date with a few of her Church members to my home to meet the Hubs & me. Nelly came over with 4 others & right from the word "Go" both the Hubs & me bonded with these awesome sisters & brothers.  It didn't matter to me at all that they were not Catholics, to me, I find that we all form part of the body of Christ & are All brothers & sisters in His name.

           So I thought that was that. Then when Nelly called me the following week & invited me to go to her place for a sharing & fellowship, I was happy to go as I used to go with Aimee to her sharing & fellowship a long time ago too, as I find that there should not be any division as it was all Praise & Worship in His name.  Praise the Lord, Allelulia.  I am so happy that I made so many new friends, Yih Meh, Nelly, Nevina, Bros Ting, Hoe Pheng, Melissa, Joanne, WP, Foong Leng, along with a host of many more, whose names I have not "mastered" yet but master them I will because, with the grace of God, it won't be the last time that I would go for these fellowship, haha, not to mention the awesome food that followed!!!  Thank you Nelly, Yih Meh, Bros Ting & WP for making me feel welcomed. God bless. 

            And as I have been making so many gum paste flowers, I made some Chocolate cupcakes & used the flowers for decor & brought them there to makan makan. 

               Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia. 

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