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Friday, October 19, 2012

A colourful circle of baby gum paste shoes

               Day 118 of my gum paste adventures!!! Wow I have been breathing and "living" gum paste for nearly 4 months & just loving it!!! I would always sneak some time out during the day & let my hands do the "talking" then at nite I would check out Youtube for tutorials. It is just like an extension of our childhood where we played with play dough.

              What I love the most is the gum paste that I learnt 2 years ago and, haha never attempted to do until 3 months ago when someone dropped a bomb on me & asked me to bake her wedding cake inspite of me telling her that I had zero experience in the field of wedding cakes, AS I found that making my own gum paste from scratch was a breeze & I was able to roll the gum paste very thinly.  Since that the wedding cake request, I have also gone for a wedding cake class just to see up close how to place the dowels properly & of course, the art of how to cover the cakes with fondant. I know there are so many tutorials on Youtube but I preferred to go for the class so that I can take notes, pictures, ask questions, etc etc. & I loved the wedding cake class.  My only regret I waited so long to go for same.  I should have gone for the class 2 decades ago but then another student pointed out to me, when I express this regret in class, that had I gone for the wedding cake class 2 decades ago, the styling might be old fashioned.  

               In my initial craze of gum paste I started off with learning some flowers on Youtube of course!!! Then now I have moved into learning to make things like baby booties, I adore them!!! & once, I tried to make a figurine & though it was far from perfect, I was happy with what I did & to this end I am going for another class; still on the wedding theme, where I will learn to make a bride & groom figure, a small, yes tiny, bunch of flowers on stalks, etc to place on cupcakes.

              Then as I have a birthday coming up soon; the birthday boy is so into cycling, I searched the net for a simple bicycle that I could make so that I could make a few of them & place on the cake & finally I found one which was not too technical!!! It is quite difficult to make a 3D version of same so I am just going to place them lying down flat on the cake.  Well it is better than nothing!!!

                              Till my next post, xoxo, Ophelia 

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